Okay we’re in the thick of it now! Phewf! Here’s a quick and dirty gift guide for nearly everyone on your list, so if you’ve waiting until the last minute this post is for you! We’re not saying you forgot, but if you need some ideas we’re here for you!!

Secret Santa / Or under $30 / Stocking Stuffers

My friends and I love to get together before the holidays get crazy and everyone goes on their merry way with their families. We typically do a holiday dinner potluck and then also do a yankee swap. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s actually SO fun basically everyone brings a wrapped gift (we agree on a value) and you play a card game that allows you to open and steal presents it’s actually hilarious to see what people fight over, but ultimately EVERYONE finishes with a gift, and it’s such a fun activity.

For unexpected affordable gifts I would honestly suggest Mini So, there’s a location currently on Spring Garden road and one now at Halifax Shopping Centre I freaking LOVE that store. In the photo above you’ll note the pink q-tips, and pink cotton pads I’m telling you they have the cutest things, and not just girlie things either! Just do yourself a favor and just check it out. It’s so fun.

Some suggestions for Secret Santa gifts include:

  • Scented Candles ( I love the tree scents from the Body Shop)
  • Winners is a great place to put a bunch of stuff together, like maybe you get some fancy shot glasses, and some mini liqueurs, and some candy. Winners makes it so much more affordable. Check out this insta post for some ideas.
  • Cozy socks, socks might sound boring, but do not underestimate the satisfaction of slipping your feet into a new pair of socks.
  • Pj pants (usually really easy to find these affordably at Old Navy and everyone can always use a new pair I love this matching pj set).
  • Slippers I love these pom pom slippers from Victoria Secret ($29.50)
  • Coffee. I’m currently running a giveaway for PEI Coffee Company. Pop Over to my @shortpresents Insta to enter.
  • It Works Beauty Sleep Kit $15
  • I’m also smitten with the Live Clean Holiday branded hand soaps!! How pretty are these? They can be tricky to track down, but try Walmart.

Men’s Stocking stuffers (see our Gift Guide for Him).



Teens definitely have their own minds made up of what’s cool and what’s “not cool” lol and what falls into those categories can change like the wind. For teens I love the idea of gifting them items that inspire and encourage their independence. Those teen years can be tricky they are making up their minds about how they see the world, but they are still living at home and under their parents rules.

Depending on how old they are they might not be making their own money yet, so I love the idea of gifting them/fostering that independence with gift cards.

Gift cards are great, maybe to the movies, or the mall, or a restaurant, coffee shop etcs so they aren’t dependent on their parents. I know it doesn’t seem super thoughtful, but I think it’s actually kind of amazing to allow them to ability and freedom to choose for themselves.

I also love the idea of gifting experiences to teens, like maybe buy tickets to a play or a concert and go see it together! Make a night or afternoon of it.

Have a conversation with them in the car ride home, pick their brain about what they just experienced. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I see so much value in those types of experiences.  Make take a calligraphy or flower crown making class or try a baking lesson together. Obviously this will be dependent on your teen’s interests but you get the idea.

Get more ideas for experience gifts in our “EXPERIENCE GIFT GUIDE” below.

You could also consider skincare, a line I love for teens is the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil line. It’s great to combat bacteria naturally, so perfect for teens who are active (or possibly a little less diligent in their skincare routines).


If you’re a big family, and most of you are grown up, maybe some of you have a couple kids: it’s probably time to instill Secret Santa. Buying for everyone is intense, not to mention costly. Instill a budget, and start a fb group where you all share ideas of what you like, and buy the kids toys or whatever they need. STOP buying for everyone, it’s just not necessary. There are some great websites that can help you draw names, prevent couples from getting each other, and it’ll discretely send and email to each recipient so there are no SPOILERS. Focus on the kids! Honestly that’s what it’s all about anyways, and everyone still has some presents to open on Christmas. We’ve been doing this for years, and it just makes everything SO easy (a) there’s no guess work bc everyone shares ideas (b) you don’t have to over think things, and (c) everyone is saving money and not buying things no one will ever use. It’s a win/win!

In laws / Parents 50+

Buying gifts for parents in general can be tough,  but I always love to gift them things they can either use to host or things that just generally make their lives easier. Because we travel and stay with our families for the holidays we’re also eating a lot of their food. While we bring groceries anyways sometimes it fun to put together a little goodie basket.

When it comes to your parents it feels like they have everything I mean that’s why they’ve worked so hard their whole lives. When I think of gifts for parents I tend to think of little technology things to help make their lives easier maybe it’s a universal remote so there’s not ten on the go, or maybe it’s a heated blanket so they’re not going to microwave to reheat a magic bag 25 times a night, or maybe it’s a white noise machine to help them sleep.

Anything to help with sleep is always a good idea because as we age our sleep actually becomes more fragile.

So think white noise machines, lavender sprays for pillows and sheets, perhaps a nebulizer to improve the air quality and promote relaxation. A product I really like is the This Works Pillow Spray, and it’s funny to say, but it actually does work. I use it every night, and I love that it signals to me that it’s time to slow down. It’s available at Sephora, in both a larger size and travel size. and it’s got a clean seal so you know it’s paraben free! It’s great alone or in the travel size paired with another gift. You really don’t need a lot so it lasts for a long time, a couple spritzes and you’re good to go.

Read more ideas in our “ATLANTIC GIFT GUIDE” Below.


Teachers can be tough to buy for because they notoriously get the same things over and over, I mean how many ornaments can they fit on a tree, and they probably need a new cupboard for their mugs. When I worked at daycare I loved receiving gift cards for Chapters. Something else you could consider is something like Hello Fresh, Teacher are BUSY (trust me I used to be one) and the last thing they probably want to do when they get home is think about what they want to make for dinner. Gift cards for a dinner out, or meal subscriptions I think are a great idea, and it’s something different.

Other gift ideas could include: Gift cards for places they can purchase supplies or get inspired, Saje Wellness Products, or Specialty Coffee gift baskets.


58% percent of Canadians actually prefer charitable donations being made in their name instead of receiving a traditional holiday gift! Recently I received this package from World Vision and I couldn’t have been more excited. What a great message to send! To learn more about how you can donate please visit the World Vision Website or click here. With World Vision you really can make a difference! Please consider this less traditional gift!


We shared a bunch of Tech Ideas in Our Gift Guide for Him! see above for link.


I’ll be honest I actually love giving gifts more than I like receiving them! BUT with all the mess of renovations I have been low key stalking the Shark ION F80 vacuum cleaner. You know you’re a full blown adult when you want a vacuum cleaner for Christmas lol but in all serious I’m mad crushing on this cordless vacuum !

Shark ION™ F80 MultiFLEX® Cordless Stick Vacuum includes:
• Up to 80 minutes of total runtime** with 2 batteries
• DuoClean® technology
• MultiFLEX® technology
• 2 ION Power Pack Batteries
• Charging Cord
• Single Charging Dock
• 8″ Crevice Tool
• Upholstery Tool
• Bonus gifts: $13395 value
• MultiFLEX® Under-Appliance Wand
• Double Charging Dock with Cord
• Anti-Allergen Dust Brush

I mean look at all the amazing functions, and it’s super compact which is key for condo living! Dear Santa, I’ll take one cordless vaccum please and thanks!!

Hope you found today’s post helpful! If you’re still feeling stuck check out our previous gift guides below:






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