With everything that’s going on in our world this year, it has been especially difficult for our small businesses. With many forced to close up shop for several months, or significantly reduce capacities: the financial impact has been huge, and we can’t ignore the additional struggles our black owned businesses face already.

This year has been extremely difficult for a lot of reasons, but in the wake of the death of George Floyd, and the Black Lives Matter Movement we are reminded that it’s more important than ever to support our black own businesses and community.

During Covid I created some resources on my Instagram you can find my #BOB highlight on @SHORTPRESENTS, but I also wanted to create something a little more permanent, so I put together this blog post so it would be available to you at any time, and we can keep updating it!

In addition, as we approach holidays shopping I thought a Halifax Black Owned Business round up might be a good resource when you’re considering gift options for your loved ones, as many of us are focusing on supporting our local businesses this holiday season.

There are so many familiar faces in this post, I’ve been loving seeing their images pop up in my email over the past few weeks: we have such talent here in Halifax. Please join me in giving these lovely humans a warm Short Presents welcome!!!!!!

From restaurants to beauty, wellness and clothing as well as artists and activists below are some amazing Black Owned Businesses you can support in Halifax today.

Photo c/o Ryker a Titus (@strykeforse)


Due to Covid-19 things are rapidly changing so while I have tried my best to keep things current please note that some items in this list are subject to change. Please familiarize yourself with current restrictions, and plan appropriately for your visits to local businesses. You can do so here and check in with individual vendor websites or social media accounts for real time business hours and product updates.

Before we dive in I also want to give a huge shout out to: @ACCE.HFX on Instagram as they raised $32,000 to stimulate the economy for black businesses right here in Nova Scotia with the “Buy Black Halifax Bag” sales which were filled with items from local black owned businesses. Be sure to continue to follow and support their account.


Temi Bakes | Photo c/o Yumi M Photography

Delectable Desserts

Apt 3 Espresso Bar

SOOOOO I hope you’re hungry because there are SO many yummy food options!!

Brawta Jamaican Jerk Joint okay their Jamaican patties tho?? Just buy as many as you can, and toss them in the freezer so you can grab and go any time! You can mix and match them too from Chicken to beef and even a pizza patty! YUM.

Be sure to follow along on the Jamaica Lee Style Food Truck Facebook so you can stay up to date on where they will show up next!!

Okay the grilled chicken plate at Mary’s African Cuisine is SO good. You gotta try that grilled eggplant.

If you want to bring some Caribbean flavor home, and into your own cooking look no further than Hill’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce available at Sobeys!!

Got a craving for some fried plantain??? Visit Jamaican Vibes Express on Cornwallis.

Colombian owned, Verano Halifax is such a special place, and has so many yummy eats, but you definitely have to try the empanadas!

Whether you’re plant based, or a meat eater you can make all your dinner guests happy with MJ’s Eatery & Catering located in Bedford.

Hope Blooms (you can find their super yummy salad dressings, sauces, and even tea at our local Superstores and Sobeys!!)

Carlette’s Pop Up makes the most beautiful chocolate covered strawberries (with the most fun toppings).

Specializing in Bahamian dishes, Darry’s Delight call to place orders @ 902-329-2790 (Saturday & Sunday)

For award winning Cakes look no further than, Temi Bakes also how gorgeous is she in the photo above ??

Delectable Desserts (I mean does that cake above not speak for itself?? Major YUM!

If you’re looking to stream line your eating without the headache of planning or prepping?? Smooth Meal Prep is an ah-mazing option to get you back on track!

Apt 3 Espresso Bar such a beautiful and IG worthy space! It’s a must. They are also selling some sweet tees to fundraise to support youth and mental health. They are amazing right?

Change is Brewing Collective promoting diversity, this BIPOC collective partners with local breweries to promote diversity, and inclusion in craft beer, food, and service industry. Be sure to contact them for a collab, and you can find their current brew “Cherry Brook Wheat” @BatteryBeerbar and online at


Bailly Fragrance

Ariel Gough & Edwina Govindsamy | @BaillyFragrance

Co-Founders Ariel Gough and Edwina Govindsamy of Bailly Fragrance (vegan and cruelty free fragrances) like to say that they met on an “adult playdate.” I mean how cute are they?? With some fragrance sensitivities in their families they wanted to find a better solution, without compromising of their love for fragrance, and so they made their own!! And even better they created their own that leaves out all the bad stuff, and keeps all the stuff you want. Gotta love that right?? Big supporters of girls, five dollars from every purchase from our Girl Power collection goes to the Girl Power Project. I’m obsessed with these two!

If you’re looking to get your nails done here are some amazing businesses to support: Nova Nails Inc, Nails with JLD, and MJP Nail Designs.

For some super cute hair accessories, Swarovski Hair Clips which we all know barrettes are a big trend right now look no further than, Lady Laura Designs @ladylauradesigns

The Crowned Fashion, has such a great selection of false strip lashes!!

Kings and Queens Natural product, okay my friend Mo had their Whipped Shea Butter recently at a photo shoot, and hot damn this smelled amazing! I just put in an order to grab some for myself.


Martina Kelades | @lifeoutloud_ns |

Musemo Handahu | @Misslionhunter |

Élana Camille | @ÉlanaCamilleCreates

Elana Camille, Illustrator extraordinaire my girl Elana has a really amazing Fashion Illustration at the Halifax Shopping Centre right now which you must ABSOLUTELY go check out, and of course you can also find her handy work on some beautiful Halifax Paper Hearts Stationary throughout many local stationary shops, Sobeys, and Pete’s.

Art Pays Me (Clothing, Art, Podcast) okay Duane where do I begin?? What an ah-mazing guy. Duane has such a calm energy about him when you talk to him he immediately just brings things down a notch which my peppy self absolutely loves. What I love about Duane is his openness, and willingness to discuss hard things. In sharing his story and his truth I’m not sure he realizes the freedom he gives others to do the same, and I really feel this is how we can finally move passed the stigmas around mental health and especially for men.  Always in awe of you, and appreciate your raw unapologetic honesty.

Martina Kelades @Lady Kelady + Life out loud Podcast – this gal bring so might light to my Instagram feed with her charm and wit. Martina is SO funny I absolutely adore following her. If you’re a fan of puns you’re going to love her content. Go follow her RIGHT NOW and give her Podcast a listen.

Musemo Handahu (as seen above) but you might know her as Mo or @MissLionHunter as she’s constantly blowing fire content straight out of the water. This girl. This girl tho. Such a hard worker and it’s been such a joy watching her grow over the years. My fellow blog grandma there’s no one I’d rather come up with in this wild digital world than this girl right here. My OG my boo. Lots of folks have come and gone over the years, but we’re still kicking girl! We still got some fight in us yet. Go follow her, and reveal in her creative genius !!

Otni speaking of great style you gotta follow @Justotni – okay this girl’s fashion tho?? Off the charts love seeing what she’s wearing everyday.

Mireka Starr @itsmirekastarr Mireka is one of my favs to follow on Instagram she is always keeping things super authentic. I could honestly listen to her tell me a story about an-y-thing. I love her energy, but she’s also a fire artist, so definitely if you’d like something commissioned you gotta check her out. Love her work.

Originating in Halifax I’d be remiss to not mention super talented and humble Neon Dreams !! Not only is their music great from Vocalist Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris, but I also love following and supporting them on social media 🙂 Love seeing some of the behind the scenes in their world.


Featured in image: @AaliyahxParis @Aiden.Penwaq @localyouthofcolor | graphics c/o YouthProject.NS.CA

Names in alphabetical order, and c/o Youth Project NS

Aaliyah Paris

Aidne Gillis

Alenne Adekayode

Amanda Rekunyk

Amina Abawajy

Andre Anderson

Arielle Twist

Bria Symonds

Calen Sack

Darcie Bernhardt

Dana Williams (founder of Vitamin Dee Entertainment,

Francesca Ekwuyasi

Game Changers 902 (Kate McDonald, Tayvone Clayton, DeRico Symonds)

Ingrid Waldon

Jean Mary Serutoke

Jody Upshaw

Kate Macdonald, (The Magic Project)

Kayla Borden

Killa Ch’aska

Kristen Todd

Kordeena Clayton

Kris Reppas

Kyra Gilbert

Lindsay Dobbin

Megan Kyak-Monteith

Melissa Peter-Paul

Michelle Sylliboy

Naomi Bird

Quentrel Provo

Rebecca Thomas

Chenise and James of Reclaiming Our Roots

Redsun Bernard

Teo Ferguson

Zeta Paul


Cathy | @Beautiful.Celebrations |

Ross Simmonds | @thecoolestcool |

Ryan Williams | @iamryanwilliams |

Nicole Lapierre | @NicoleLapierrePhotography

Do you have a special occasion you’re celebrating?? Do you wonder where people get their beautiful balloon garlands?? Cathy of Beautiful Celebrations has all your special events covered!! She makes the most magical creations I’m absolutely obsessed!! When a lot of the local businesses opened back up again after covid they string some of Cathy’s creations outside their doors, and all along Agricola street was balloons and it was SO amazing I can’t tell you how happy it made me to (a) see so many of our businesses open again,  but also so many supporting Cathy too.

Ryan Williams (Photographer + Podcast Host) this firecracker is FULL of energy and he’s always having FUN no mater what he’s doing, and HERE FOR IT! I love shooting with Ryan it’s not hard to get a photo of me smiling because we always laughing when we’re shooting IT’S SO FUN! What a great guy so proud of you, and everything that you do: keep up the great work buddy!!

Nicole Lapierre, the kindest, sweetest soul, and immensely talented. Black and Indigenous Nicole not only is an amazing photographer (her photos are always so dreamy), but she’s extremely knowledgeable about plants, and she makes the yummiest eats! I’m convinced there’s nothing this amazing woman can’t do. Hire her for all the things!!

The Coolest Cool (Branding, Public Speaking) okay Ross Simmonds tho?? He’s the B O S S of marketing he’s always straight up kill-i-ng it, and I love following his branding advice. Like whatever Ross says just do it because whatever he’s doing: is clearly working.

Need a DJ ? Be sure to look up TK @heyokaytk

Likely not gathering as much as of late, but be sure to follow the Halifax Social Network to see when their next event is!

If you’re looking for some landscaping work or gardening be sure to hire Fletchers Gardening (such an amazing caring guy behind this business)

Kay Marie, photographer and public speaker to women in domestic abuse situations, Kay loves to support women in all areas of her business.

The Wright Courier

Lime Rock Electric

Define Hair Studio

Heritage Movers Inc, Locally owned and operated in Dartmouth, NS Heritage Movers Inc is your one stop shop for all of your moving and delivery needs! Find them on Facebook and Kijiji !

If you’re looking for models look no further than the beautiful soul behind, Soli Productions, a modeling agency that specializes in runway and brand production, model development and coaching.



@flomeditation | photo c/o Ryker a Titus (@strykeforse)

@FloMeditation | photo c/o Alexa Cude

The most lovely humans you’d ever want to meet, Autumn and Johnathan of Flo Meditation are just such incredibly kind humans I am so obsessed with everything that they do! If you get a chance to take a meditation workshop with these two cuties DO IT!

@Yoga with Dee – love following her on IG

Pleasure Soaks, from bath bombs to super clever dish sticks you gotta check them out!! You can find them at the Alderney Farmers Market.

Looking for some candles ?? I mean who isn’t look no further than these two local businesses: Fire and desire Candle Co + Honey and Lime Candle Co



Trev Clothing

Tyler Simmonds Clothing

We have so many amazing local black owned clothing brands definitely be sure to check out the local brands below!!

Luxe Handmade

Back to Belair

MFC Bowties

Winners Circle Clothing

Jae Clothing

Trev Clothing

Family Over Fame

Bad Publicity

Tyler Simmonds Clothing




Also remember that if you don’t have the financial means to support our local businesses that online support can always go a long way.

  • Follow, like, and comment on your favorite black owned businesses on social media to help increase viability with the ever frustrating algorithm.
  • Sign up for their newsletter
  • Watch Youtube videos or listen to Podcasts for ad revenue.
  • If you had a great experience with a BOB leave a review!
  • Share their work!



Hope you found today’s blog post helpful! Please if I forgot anyone make sure to comment below, and I’ll continue to update the list! Thank you SO much for supporting our local Black Owned Businesses.



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      Thanks so much I really appreciate your feedback!! I hadn’t found anything similar so I decided to just create it for myself. I know there are SO many amazing folks listed here, so I think you must have missed him, but Duane @Artpaysme is listed under Creatives!!! :):) xx

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