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As a blogger I obviously take A LOT of photos (my phone is basically an appendage), but I rarely ever print them. It was honestly SO fun to customize holiday cards for my friends while also reliving all of our amazing memories together. The Staples Print & Marketing offers endless services for creative gift ideas, so it’s safe to say I definitely had a bit of fun with it

And in case you’re interested in doing the same I put together a little blog post to share my creative gift ideas I created, and as well as some foolproof suggestions for how to seamlessly do the same!

Customized Gift Ideas

The holiday season is a time to share love and best wishes with the important people in your life. From puzzles to coasters and even blankets, canvas prints, holiday cards and other personalized gifts for your guests the Staples’ Print Centre offers a wide variety of services to add a special touch to your holiday plans. Holiday cards are nice, but adding photos of you and your friends and family just takes them to a whole other level. I love that I could easily add photos to the website, and personalize the text as well. It was so easy to make professional looking cards! And they can be ready the same day! How amazing is that??

And and Holiday cards aren’t your thing, you can create custom ornaments that can be used as table settings should you be hosting this year, canvas prints that are great for sharing with loved ones and decorating your home, or personalized branded items for your team. You can find all of the services they offer here at

Holiday Gift Ideas

I had some fun with the personalized notebooks, and stationary. Y’all know I love me some stationary, and of course I have to customize some Short Presents goodies, and a few others for some friends of mine. Because those items are created in Montreal they are still making their way to me, but I look forward to sharing them on my social media when they arrive.

I may or may not have designed some t-shirts too (I know fun right??). And adding your image is so easy. There are so many options from shirts, to mugs, to blankets there are so many possibilities to share your favorite images with your loved ones.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience with the Staples Print Centre, the website was pretty easy to navigate, and the pick up located was so close to me! Because it was my first time creating these items I decided I might not be alone. Check out my tips below for creating your customized gifts!

Personalized Gift Ideas


Set aside some time:

I did a big order because I wanted to showcase a lot of options for you blog reader, and if you’re like me you’ll want to make sure you get everything just right. If you plan on doing a few things make sure to set aside some time to go thoroughly go through your photos to figure out exactly what you want 🙂 There are SO many options on the website that I REALLY wanted to make sure I was choosing the BEST option. Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and get in there and explore the website because there’s some amazing stuff on there.

Equally if you just want to create one or two things you can do so pretty quick!

Create an account:

Do make sure you create an account with Staples (doesn’t take long) if you plan on shopping around and coming back to purchase (it happens). I lost some of my creations because I didn’t create an account and it timed out on me. Once you do create an account the site will save everything for you in your cart, so no worries about losing anything!

Don’t wait until the last minute:

And if you’re ordering some of the bigger items (outside of the photos/cards i.e the same-day items) give yourself a week or so grace peroid if you’re in Atlantic Canada because those bigger items (t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, stamps) are coming from either their Burnside office or Montreal so these items will take slightly longer.

If you are looking for even more shopping inspiration:

Staples has just released its 2017 Holiday Lookbook , along with its Holiday Centre, at, a web portal where you can get inspired and access countless gifting ideas for the holiday season!




Hope you found this post helpful!

Happy Holidays




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