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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I LOVE my job. Phewf! While it’s a lot of work it takes me to some amazing places.  If you’d asked me a few years ago if I’d be touring around blueberry factories, taste testing a plethora of smoked salmon varieties, picnicking in the middle of a beautiful field, enjoying meals prepared by award winning chefs, staying at the lovely Fox Harb’r Resort, dining and learning about all the ins and outs of recipe and package designs with the who’s who of a company I’ve grown up around: I’d tell you that you’re crazy!

Recently I had the most amazing experience with President Choice, and I’d love to share some of it with you dearest blog reader.

With two vans full of magazine editors, Youtube stars, Bloggers, Influencers, and Master Chef contestants we had the BEST time getting to know each other and gushing over all the food and scenery!

When I tell you President’s Choice thought of everything they thought of everything. There weren’t enough hours in the day or room in my stomach to eat all the delicious things they prepared for us!

Here’s a little peak of what went down



The first stop on our East Coast tour was to a smoke salmon facility. We learned SO much about the recipe development, the packaging process, and also about the different varieties of smoked salmon. I was really happy to learn that all of this was happening right here in Nova Scotia. I mean I might be biased, but I really do think we have the best seafood.

I love food probably more than normal, so I’m always on the hunt to try new things! I love smoked salmon, but I’ll be honest I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know the difference between a cold smoked salmon, and hot smoked salmon. If you’re in the same boat let me break it down for you because hot smoked salmon is probably one of my favorite new discoveries.

With cold smoked salmon the fish doesn’t get cooked, so the texture is very moist and silky and almost translucent and pink in color. Cold-smoked salmon has a similar texture to what is known as a “lox”, but has an additional layer of smoky flavour. It’s typically sliced very thin.

Hot smoked salmon is smoked yes, but at the higher temp and for less time compared to the cold smoked and it resembles in texture a typical cooked piece of salmon but with all the delicious smokey flavors!

The fish gets cooked all the way through, so the texture is a moist yet firm, and definitely more flaky. Much like the cold smoked salmon it also has a distinct smokey flavor.

Hot smoked salmon as I learned is great for a grab-and-go protein. Because it’s already cooked all the hard work is basically done for you.

Hot smoked salmon is great for topping salads, pastas, and basically any dish you would use grilled chicken you could use hot smoked salmon and reap all the benefits of those omegas! When shopping for the hot-smoked salmon, it looks very similar to a piece of cooked or grilled salmon. Look for the hot smoked label!





The morning we woke up at Fox Harb’r the folks from President’s Choice graciously prepared the most delicious breakfast. I was so happy to learn about some of the products that are currently available at the Superstore and Loblaws.

Of course I had to try a little bit of everything, but some stand out products for me were:

The Skyr Yogurt. This Icelandic yogurt is high in protein, but lower in sugar than the beloved Greek yogurt, but also is lactose free just by the way it’s processed. I know so many people who are lactose intolerant that my eyes definitely perked up upon learning this yougurt was lactose free. I tried some of course and it was delicious!

I loved the new packaging for the cereals! I mean they look Instagram worthy no? And I’ve always loved the Blue Menu line. High in fiber sounds good to me.

Lovely Chef Michelle poses here in front of the juice bar, and I want to talk about these veggie juices! Both the beet and Mango juices were SO good, but also contain servings of veggies too. I think this is such a great way to trick even the most reluctant eaters into getting some nutrients. I’ll definitely be picking up that beet juice!

PC Home killing it of course with these adorable mugs! (of course any foodie also loves home ware items). Stay tuned for some super cute stuff coming in for holiday too.

Packaged Hard Boiled Eggs. The debate of how to boil an egg goes back as far as age old question of which came first the chicken or the egg, and neither question will ever give you a definitive answer. There’s something about the convenience of this protein powerhouse product that I’m confident they will fly off the shelves. I love adding boiled eggs to salads, or guys sometimes I just eat a boiled egg as is! I don’t have time to fuss about making something else, and eggs give me energy!

What’s cool about this PC product is that THEY DON’T SMELL. I have NO idea how they do it, but guys there was ZERO smell from these eggs. I have to say I was really impressed.


President’s Choice knows what’s up! Bless their hearts for planning some down time throughout the trip. While I didn’t travel as far as some of the others it was much needed since I’d just returned from Lunenburg the evening prior to this trip.

One of free day we could choose to do excursions, and whenever there’s a boat trip involved you better believe I’m on board. We hopped on a boat, and our lovely Captain Gary took us to see some lobster traps being hauled out of the water. It was a beautiful morning spent on the water, and we learned so much about this amazing brutal job! I have and will always have so much respect for these hard working chaps! Phewf guys you think you’re having a bad day y’all don’t even know what these fellas are up against.




As I mention we had some down time, and boy did I take advantage. Fox Harb’r is stunning, and the staff are incredible. If you ever get the opportunity to go DO IT. After returning from the boat trip, I got a massage, I had lunch with Courtney (a lovely gal from Best Health Mag) and swam in the pool. In true Kayla fashion I maxed my day as much as I could. I mean who knows when I would get this chance again right?


You’ve heard of Christmas in July well how about Christmas in August? After a full day of blissful taking in all the amenities at Fox Harb’r and our lobster boat adventure we arrived at the most beautiful Christmas dinner! Complete with not one but two Christmas trees, charcuterie boards, cocktails and appetizers a plenty. It was truly magical.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some amazing products coming from President’s Choice for the holidays! I know I’ll be stocking my grocery cart with ALL the PC hors d’oeuvres and these beautiful home pieces.

This little seafood appetizer was so delicious! You just unbox and bake. I mean it couldn’t be any easier. We all gushed over the fact that this terracotta pot is reusable!

Who wants to mess with busting open a pomegranate when you have guests set to come over? Having frozen ones REALLY is a win and they just look so pretty too hey?







Just when you think you hit the taste bud jackpot PC hits you with a blueberry factory tour followed by a delicious meal prepared by the award winning Kilted Chef!

Greeted with a blueberry mimosa no less we enjoyed the most delicious garden fresh salad, followed by fresh Altantic salmon (there was an option for chicken, but I mean when in Rome right?) and a cake drizzled with peppered blueberries no less.


We had an absolute blast, and I really cant say enough about all the delicious meals we enjoyed over the 3 days we were traveling together.

Super huge shout out to President’s Choice for an amazing experience I loved learning about all the different vendors, and all the hard work that goes into each and every product! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to get to know the company better and all the incredible things you’re doing.




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    Ah, holiday stuff already!?! It looks like you had so much fun, Kayla. Those blueberry mimosas look to die for and your sweater is super adorable. Where is it from?

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