Ferrara Bakery and Cafe

Ferrara’s Bakery and Cafe is one of the oldest cafes in New York City. Located on Grand Street at the Heart of Little Italy (NYC) this swanky cafe is famous for specializing in Italian pastries, cookies, desserts. Cheesecake, Wedding cake, and Catering. 
Here are some photos of when we stopped into Ferrara’s to get out of a thunder and lighting tropical rain storm that hit the city last Friday. They offer an entire range of treats from these mini tarts in a variety of fruit flavors to stuffed biscuits, and delicious whipped topped lattes.

Blueberry Mini Tart with Lemon filling

Raspberry Mini Tart with Lemon Filling
Although Ferrara was very nice cafe inside, I don’t think it was nice enough that the tarts had to double in price just to sit inside to eat them. If it wasn’t literally raining cats and dogs I would take my 4$ black coffee and mini tart to go next time.
Every now and then we all need a yummy treat, and after leaving what was left of my feet on the New York City Street; we needed to take a seat and eat something sweet. These photos were taken the very last day of my visit to NYC, so I guess I’m sort of working my way backwards. Sorry for my absence, and I will have plenty more where these came from soon as I catch up on sleep.

Check out more about Ferrara’s on their website.



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  • Reply ROXY MARJ June 25, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Bah! In the whole 9 years I lived there, I never went to this place. Next visit this goes on my list of to do's! 🙂

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