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Phil’s Seafood

Phil’s seafood located at the heart of Quinpool, offers a variety of seafood dishes. Receiving fresh fish daily, they batter it them selves. Not into mystery potatoes? Phil’s fries are hand cut from real potatoes with the peelings left on, so they still maintain some crunch. So if you’re into big pieces of fish served up with heaps of crispy tatters: Phil’s is for you.

If you are trying to keep your news years resolution, you might want to opt for the fish & garden salad served up with a side of house made salad dressing. Might I suggest the Honey Dijon?

I believe that we should indulge in our cravings every once in a while, but there is a smart way to do this without ending up on the 6th floor of the Halifax Infirmary. Sometimes you want French fries, but you don’t want to eat the entire plate. At Phil’s they offer you the option to order a half serving of fries with your fish and salad. Moderately healthy and delicious: go figure! It’s just enough to cure the French fry craving without killing your calorie budget for the week.  Well played Phil.

Offering the option of a half serving helps customers enjoy themselves while not over indulging. I wish more restos would follow suit. 

Phil’s menu is pretty straight forward and keeps it simple, with a wide variety of fish dishes from salmon to scallops to shrimp and a your choice of sides. Don’t be alarmed by the decor inside, the food is good and the price fits the bill.

I’ve been going to this restaurant for years and I’ve yet to encounter an issue. They keep the menu simple and thus efficient. If you are into fish and chips seriously check Phil’s out, otherwise you are doing yourself a disservice. Phil’s Seafood is great for scratching that seafood itch.

Phil’s Seafood
6285 Quinpool Road

Nova Scotia, NS

(902) 431-3474


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