Conscious Coffee

@ The Wildwood Café
When I found myself in Bridgewater Nova Scotia for the week I wasn't sure how much more complimentary hotel coffee I could possibly stomach. Just when I thought I was developing a stomach ulcer from drinking too much expired coffee, I found out about this little gem via a friend on twitter.

Having eaten just prior to my excursion downtown I decided I'd stop in for a cup of joe, but upon my leisurely arrival I think I was about 5 cups of coffee behind the server, and about 5 sentences behind in our conversation. The gentlemen zipped through serving me faster than a tsunami, and I felt as though I'd been tossed around and left scrambling to pick up the pieces to articulate that I wasn't there for lunch and that I actually wanted a cappuccino, not a coffee with cream and sugar.

Once I got my head on straight, and my order, I retired to the dinning area. I chose a seat that faced the street, so I would have something to entertain myself while I powered up and recharged my batteries. The dinning area consisted of several tables lined with black linen table cloths while local art is displayed on the surrounding walls. Currently the entire cafe is surrounded by a variety of beautiful scenic photos by a local photographer: John McCarthy. His work can be found at http://www.mostlythecoast.com/ and http://johnhmccarthy.com/  It it my understanding that the art changes from month to month allowing various people to soak up the lime light.

With a conscious effort towards creating less waste, the Wildwood Cafe works hard to ensure that your hard earned dollars go towards supporting a more environmentally conscious dinning experience.
The Wildwood Cafe offers paninis, quesadillas, burritos, soft tacos, fresh made salsa and other delicious goods! You'll find both organic and local ingredients where ever possible. Don't expect to find an elaborate menu, but instead an emphasis on using everything that comes in the door. Reading the menu you see some overlap in ingredients, so that means you won't find a variety of tomatoes, or plethora of meats because the Wildwood believes in limiting their outsourcing to help reduce their carbon footprint! Food for thought! If you're looking for Starbucks you won't find one in Bridgewater, but if you're in the mood for real cup of coffee this is your hot spot.
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Happy Thursday,
sp PS: Plenty of East Coast Fashion Blogger photos to coming your way soon! 

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