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We are a wonderfully complicated species, and how we show and receive love absolutely varies from person to person. Many believe we express love the way we’ve been shown love as a child, whereas other believe it’s the opposite and it can result from what we didn’t get as a child, but feel we need.

All of this can play a major role in our relationships as adults, and even when we think we’re trying our best we may feel like for whatever reason we’re missing the mark, so as we approach Valentine’ Day I just want to gently remind you that your signifiant other loves you for you, and while you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself it is important that you make an effort to show up for them.

Whether you’re SO’s love language is gifts, touch, acts of service, we got it all covered in today’s gift ideas post! Perhaps you’re trying to think of gift ideas for your hunnybunny, or you just want to up your game this year. We’re here to help!

DISCLAIMER: I am definitely not a relationship expert this post is intended to entertain and inform. The below is a playful list of gift suggestions based on the 5 love languages. Please seek out a professional should you need one.


Gary Chapman author of “The 5 Love Languages” suggests that we all have a love language for how we give and would like to receive love. This definitely varies from person to person, as well you can be combination of love languages. If your partner hasn’t communicated to you what their love language is, perhaps you might want to figure that out first. In what ways are they showing you they love you?? Typically we give love how we want to receive it. There are also some fun quizzes you can do online to figure this out for yourself, as well as your partner.

Words of Affirmation

An unexpected note, text, or card can really go along way for anyone with this love language. Perhaps you might even want to do this earlier than Valentine’s Day to showcase just how genuine your feelings are, because with this love language it’s all about intentions, and appreciation.

For this love language it’s all about the things you say! Expressing affection through spoken affection, praise or appreciation.

Gift ideas could include creating a poem: “how do I love thee, let me count the ways… ” OR my friend Colleen owner of Drawbridge Creative, has a super cute print on Etsy where she basically puts all the amazing reasons why you love someone into a beautiful graphic (seen in the photo above)! If you’re a parent this could also be super cute to work on this with your kids, as well as on your own. For the person who receives love through affirmation I honestly can’t think of a better gift. Also Colleen is a hard working single mother, so what a wonderful business to support 🙂 Click here for more info.




Quality Time

If you’re looking for the way to this person’s heart, you will have to carve out some special time for just yourselves. The key with this love language is to create special moments together, this could be dinners alone, travel, tickets to concerts, experiences, or events etc. It doesn’t need to be something as grand as a holiday away, BUT if a holiday away is the only way to escape the clutches of work demands then a holiday away it is!

Gift ideas for this love language could honestly be as simple as a dinner alone together, that is 100% uninterrupted (phones off and away), conversation focused, it’s all about that one-on-one time!

With today’s world it’s so easy to just co-exist in your relationship with so much “on the go” it can be rare to find those moments where you just talk to each other, so much so that you might even forget how! If this is you, there are cute little conversation starter cards that work great you could always have them on your living room table, and haul them out from time to time. Hey, you might just learn something about your partner!

Receiving Gifts

Appearing to be the easiest of love languages as it seems pretty straight forward; i.e your partner wants STUFF. However, tricky still of course when you’re not exactly in a strong financial situation and what in the heck do you buy?  There are definitely options here, it just might involve some extra brain power (and in some cases perhaps a little saving up ahead of time).

Thoughtfulness is 100% key, your partner wants to feel like they are a priority so being mindful of special occasions, and your enthusiasm surrounding events and gifts is vital.

The trick with gifts is to listen to your partner, what have they mentioned recently that they would like?? What might they need that could make their lives easier? More enjoyable?? Or what is something perhaps they might complain about often/ or struggle with that you could provide an easy fix?? These little things go a LONG way.

Maybe it’s as simple as knowing that your partner has been eyeing a new fragrance like the one above (I’m always a fan of a Juicy Couture Fragrance) or a luxury pair of designer sunglasses and you know they would never splurge on these items for themselves! While this is just an example I do love shopping sunnies at SmartBuyGlasses to can shop them > here. I have so many of their Celine frames, and the quality really holds up (just sayin’). As well the Juicy Couture fragrances (I basically have all of them) or lipsticks you can grab them at Shoppers Drug Mart. and they make great gifts.

Gift don’t always need to be necessarily material either, sometimes they could be things like: music or cooking lessons, paint or calligraphy workshops, anything that helps support your significant other in their personal and creative goals make great gifts too 🙂

Kitchen Door Catering offers some really fun cooking classes I went to one back in the fall, and I had an absolute BLAST. View their schedule here.

Acts of Service

I posted on my Instagram asking what people wanted for Valentine’s day, and SO SO SO many people responded they wanted a clean house, a clean bathroom, someone to scrub the toilets etc lol

These ladies hands down don’t want your diamonds (tho they might still take them) they just want to know y’all are a TEAM! If you’re lacking follow through on some of your to-do list now is the time to step up to plate my friends! Tackle that list TO-DAY! And if you’re just too busy, or if you’ll make more of a mess “attempting to help” it’s time to call in the professionals. Hire a cleaning service! Purchase a mani/pedi gift certificate, get the kids ready in the morning, bring a breakfast in bed, make a grocery order online together (save it so you know what to order next time, and you can just do it all on your own), or order a meal subscription box! Do something to HELP.

Anything and everything you can think of that would make your partner feel like: A PARTNER. They want to feel like y’all are in this together, and they need to feel like you’re helping so whatever that means to you in your relationship: DO IT.

couple poses at summer wedding

Physical Touch

Probably the most affordable option, physical touch doesn’t cost you a single penny. However, tricky if you’re not exactly the cuddliest of people.

Not to be confused with sexy times for this love language it’s all about the little things like pats on the back, hugs, holding hands, and thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulder, or face can all be ways to show excitement, concern, care, and love.

If physical touch isn’t really your thing, if it’s important to your partner, it should be important to you, so you should for sure make an effort. Other options could include purchasing something like a spa gift certificate for your loved one, so they can enjoy physical touch courtesy of you lol

For spa suggestions I do love Spirit Spa Hydrostone Location because you can do couples massages together, as well utilize their steam showers after which are oh so relaxing. Pro tip: if you’d like to keep your zen vibes (or just don’t want to see anyone) prepay ahead of time, ask the staff to fetch your coat so you can sneak down their back elevator and bypass the check out process.

But of course it’s going to mean the most coming from you, so get out the massage oils, offer to massage their backs, hands or feet, or maybe even just snuggle up while you watch your favorite movie together, or when you’re out for dinner sit on the same side of the booth together, and make sure to grab their hand when walking down the street. These little things can really add up.

However you feel about Valentine’s day whether you love it, or hate it, it’s definitely important to make sure you loved one’s feel important (all year round), and how that translates for everyone is very very very different.

I think even just acknowledging that what we want/need varies from person to person is a big thing, and for sure could help us communicate better in our relationships. Definitely not a relationship expert over here, but I thought it would be a fun way to share gift ideas, and ultimately get you thinking a little bit outside the box 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves!




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  • Reply Shelley D’Anjou February 6, 2020 at 1:16 am

    Another great blog Kayla!! Eric and I have never celebrated Valentines Day but we show our love and respect for one another all year long. It was very interesting reading about the different love languages. Happy Valentines Day beautiful lady!! ♥️♥️♥️🥰

  • Reply Gina Bell February 10, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    Love this!

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