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Gift giving can be STRESSFUL, but it doesn’t need to be. I’ve round up some amazing products and items to help make your shopping easier this holiday season. Heck maybe you might ask Santa for this items for yourself (I know I would). From the beauty junkie to the activist here are some great gift suggestions for nearly everyone on your list.



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We believe beauty comes from within! You skin is a reflection of everything that’s going on in your body, so what you put in is directly what you see on the outside. For any beauty junkie (at any age) Bend Skin Omega 3 supplements are a MUST.

Topical skin treatments have limited penetration due to the epidermal barrier function. Bend Anti-Aging Formula overcomes this obstacle by delivering its 6 active ingredients via dermal blood supply. Although the epidermis does not have its own blood supply it is nourished by dermal cells via a process of diffusion. Bend Anti-Aging Formula improves the skin climate by altering eicosanoid production, signalling pathways, cell membrane function, and reducing oxidative stress. This physiological shift improves skin function, repair, and resilience.

Clinically proven to assist in preventing the effect from aging by protect your cells from the damage of environmental aggressors. Chronic inflammation and free radical stress both accelerate the bodies natural aging process.

“the antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein are effective at neutralizing free radicals generated by sun exposure and their unique properties help filter out harmful rays. Further  sun protection is provided by EPA which reduces your skin’s  sensitivity to UV rays and significantly reduces UV related skin inflammation”

Bend Beauty products help to optimize your skin climate by delivering 6 powerful actives via dermal microcirculation, and in approx. 90 days Bend Skincare fully saturates the skin to promote healthy skin climate.

BENEFITS: Improves Skin’s Hydration, Helps Improve Roughness, and elasticity, improves antioxidants for skin heath, and helps improve firmness, and elasticity.

For more ideas be sure to stay tuned for our Beauty Junkie Gift Guide !



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How do you shop for that girl who literally has everything, and probably would pick out something WAY cooler for herself than you ever could. WELL, let me introduce you to Foxy Originals.

Their jewelry selection off the charts in the cool department, and I’m confident you’ll find something on this site to tickle her fancy.

To learn more about Foxy Originals or shop these earrings click here.



gift ideas for him

Is it just me, or are men impossible to buy for?? Sometimes they are so painfully practical that they quite literally have everything they need, or just go out and buy what they want.

I fully maintain that everyone should cease making purchases for themselves leading up to Christmas because it basically makes it impossible to buy for them otherwise.


I love to spoil the men in my life because they do much for me, and never ask for anything in return. While I know cologne isn’t for every man those who love it, REALLY love it. What’s great about the L’Homme Cedrat Collection Star Gift Four-Piece Holiday Kit is that it’s super affordable (I mean you’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck), but it’s also very scent friendly. Fragrances can be a very personal thing, but I really think I’Occitane nailed it with this one. The L’Homme Cedrat is so fresh and clean, and perfectly balanced I’m confident that you could gift this scent to any man on your list. Get it at The Bay here.


Another gift ideas you could include are jeans (a little birdie tells me Levis is opening at the Halifax Shopping Centre on Friday Dec 15th, so be sure to stop in I’m sure you can take advantage of some exclusive store opening promotions. Levis is such a classic brand (I mean they’ve been around the block) I’m confident you can find the perfect style for any many in your life.


Other gift ideas could include this beautiful (and waterproof) bag from SWIMS. The 24 Hour Holdall bag is major practical, and make the perfect carry one bag for flying, or overnight bag, or even gym bag. SWIMS is such an amazing company they really create some amazing products. To learn more about this bag or the SWIMS company visit their website or click here.


Men can push the envelop when it comes to the clothes they were, so purchasing them an update or something fresh is always a great idea! These Denver Hayes Tennessee boots from Marks Work Warehouse are perfectly practical (fleece lined on the inside) but also very trendy as well: the perfect combination for all your denim for causal days stomping around the city!


While we could spend all day discussing the differences between men and women (it’s a long list) one of the things that’s a common problem for men is dandruff and especially so in the winter. I love this shampoo from L’Oreal that’s (a) sulfate free but (b) works really well to restore the natural balance for your hair and most importantly your scalp. Heck I’ve been using this product too The L’Oreal Ever Fresh Shampoo is great for after work outs (or let’s be real after I haven’t washed my hair for a few days) so I know it’ll be great for the men in your life too (they have naturally more oily hair than us gals).  Shop the Ever Fresh sulfate free, paraban free, Vegan shampoo online by clicking here.

Sulfate free shampoo




Whether it’s the perfect pair of jeans, or the coziest sweater you ever did see. Garage is THE place to shop for the teen on your list (heck I shop there too). And they’ve done the hard work for you, for some great gift suggestions visit the Garage Clothing website, or click here.

Quo cosmetics


I also love gifting Quo products! Quo can be found at any of your local Shoppers Drug Marts, and they always outdo themselves with their holiday packaging. This year they are little less festive (which I actually like) BUT they have some really great products out this year, and this “illuminating” and “all about the eye shadow” palette are no exception. Shop these items from the Beauty Boutique by clicking here.

Quo Make Up



Holiday gift ideas, saje wellness, nebulizer

We all have those folks on our list that are the embodiment of the word hustle, and while we love them for their commitment to work it’s nice to extend a gift to them you know will serve them well.

I fully believe that there’s something for everyone at Saje, and I haven’t tried a product that I wasn’t completely head over heels for.

Whether you opt for some of the Saje candles, or their Nebulizers + essential oil blends (highly recommend the Tree Scents for the holidays) you’ll be inspiring wellness which is the best gift of all. Nebulizers while very popular are still something that a lot of people don’t know much about.

Any of the Saje nebulizers would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list (even if they have one already they can always use another trust me). In addition to helping your house smell amazing, and providing customized healing from the oils you put in them did you know that the Saje nebulizers emit much needed negative ions?

The negative ions attach to dust particles and cause them to fall to the floor thus preventing you from breathing them into your lungs. Be forewarned lol because there will be a noticeable amount of dust around your nebulizer, but that just means it’s working. Pretty cool right?

Because Nebulizers emit negative ions it also helps to protect you from the harms of positive ions emitted from your tv, computers, wifi etc (which are more prevelant in our environment than ever). To read more click → here.

Nebulizers are a great opportunity to spread wellness, and kickstart that person’s health for 2017! Shop this beautiful marble nebulizer + learn more by visiting the Saje Wellness website or click here.



What to buy for your coworkeTea pigs, holiday gift guide, Gift guide,

Wondering what to get your co-worker for Christmas? Or anyone you want to give a warm hug to? teapigs has so many lovely flavours and the packaging is just SO bang on that you’ll definitely find something for anyone on your list.

My favourite is the liquorice peppermint, which I drink on almost nearly everyday. I also love the two seen here (super fruit + mao feng green Tea) for their holiday inspired packaging.

To learn more about teapigs, and shop online please visit


Maud Lewis Colouring book

From the folk art of Maud Lewis (as a coloring book) to gifts in a tin (kids love anything in a tin) to dolls that turn into animals (seriously so cool) as well as books written by local authors there are SO many interesting gifts for kids!

I mean the kids receiving these gifts are pretty much the hippest kids in town.

Find more AGNS gift ideas by checking out our previous post by clicking here.




live clean hand soap

We all should have our minds on the environment when we are making our purchases this holiday season, and when it comes to products even more so!

There are so many products out there that not hurt us, but also our planet. When you gift Live Clean you gift with confidence that you’re not hurting anyone or the planet.

Y’all know I love the Live Clean product line, and this year they’ve stepped their packaging up a notch, and look how CUTE these are. I’m obsessed. Shop Live Clean Products at your local drug store, discount department stores, or amazon.


As well you might find this post helpful. We rounded up a selection of gift ideas that also give back!

From dolls that feed the hungry to gown that cheer up the sick here are some gifts that are sure to inspire kindness.

Click here to read this previous post.



Kayla Short,

Do you have someone who’s got an amazing side hustle? runs their own business or just LOVES customized items??

Girliture is an amazing home decor brand that not only offers beautiful baskets, preserved eucalyptus, candles, pillows and so much more, she also offers customization! Recently she created this adorable little bag for me, and I can’t tell you how much I love it! I’ve been using it to lug all my camera gear (cords, memory cards etc), and I’m obsessed with the how she laid out the text and the font (she nailed it). To shop these items visit the Girliture website or click here.  Did I mention she’s based out of Nova Scotia??? #supportlocal.



Saje Wellness bag, marble travel bag, cosmetic bag, marble bag

Not all who wander are lost! But they can be uncomfortable when they don’t have the right products.

Cue Saje Wellness, I never go anywhere without my pocket farmacy, and now they’ve introduced a TRAVEL FARMACY. I mean, hallelujah. With some extra roll on essential oils you are covered head to toe no matter what comes up. Some of my favorites are of course, Peppermint Halo (great for headaches) and the immune (great for flying to prevent getting sick) and Sleep Well (because it can be tricky to sleep in new places sometimes or unwind after a crazy busy day.

Another amazing gift for a frequent traveler is the Bare Necessities Black Marble Travel Bag. It’s the perfect size, and all the little compartments ensure that all you cosmetics/goodies are perfect organized. This was a HUGE win for me recently while I was traveling in Montreal. I adored the little mesh zipper pouch for my makeup brushes, and it’s water resistant so totally helpful in prevent any leakage from skills (WIN). Beautiful, and practical it’s my favorite combo.




Lavender gift box

Let’s be real being a mother is the toughest job in the world, and whether they are a new mum or their kids are grown: Moms are forever putting everyone else first.

It can be tough to get them to do something for themselves! Spoil them while also encouraging wellness with this beautiful Lavande gift set from L’Occitane. Shop it here.



Here for her

A friend of mine created an Instagram account specifically designed to open up the conversation about all things women. From periods, to breastfeeding to women’s rights she’s trying to break the stigma around all the things that we feel embarrassed about. She’s got a couple different items for sale, and I think they make a great gift for those on your list who want to be a part of this narrative. You can follow along with her Instagram account here @shophereforher.

Here for Her creates open conversations around women’s health! It’s important to talk about issues such as fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, body image, periods, sex, STIs & more; these are REAL ISSUES and things we don’t often discuss.

Here for Her creates a non-judgemental platform for anyone who identifies as a woman to discuss such issues in a comfortable environment, along with raising awareness through clothing. A percentage of the profits from the clothing goes back to women’s health initiatives, with the first donation coming up after Christmas!

The idea for Here for Her is to not only promote discussions, but awareness and education as well. Moving forward they will invite professionals to do small videos/tutorials to educate women on these important issues. The stigma around women’s health is REAL and it’s slowly changing, but not quick enough. Rachel is also currently working on creating a sustainable initiative to help homeless women in London ON and in other cities across Canada, as well as creating women’s events and workshops for women.  She is amazing and I absolutely love supporting her.

Shop online by visiting the Shop Here For Her website or click here.



Hope you found this helpful. If you need any help finding gifts for the loved ones in your life be sure to touch base with me I’d be happy to make suggestions for you.





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