You asked for it! Over and over in fact lol 🙂 I asked my Instagram followers what they wanted to see for gift guides, and I can’t even begin to tell you the overwhelming response I got for gift ideas for men! Whether it’s a husband, a boyfriend or a brother y’all are apparently VERY hard to buy for. Below are some suggestions for what to buy for the men in your life.

One of the things you’ll notice when shopping for the men in your life (if they are anything like mine) is that they typically buy whatever it is that they want when they want it making it nearly impossible to get them something they don’t already have. In our house we have instilled a YOU CAN’T BUY ANYTHING FOR YOUR SELF DURING DECEMBER RULE which really helps to prevent anyone from ruining Christmas by accident.

I also want to preface this guide guide by saying that I don’t want to assume any sort of gender lens ultimately these gifts could be for anyone what’s important is that you consider the person.




Think about the person you are buying for, what do they like to do? What are their hobbies? Can you purchase something to support that? or their side hustle??

Do they cook? Are they athletic? Musician? Obsessed with coffee/beer??

On the topic of learning and trying something new, you could also get them some sort of lessons, or kits to encourage the creation of something. I’m thinking like beer making kits etc. Or if that’s too much work there’s also this Maritime Craft Beer Advent Beer Box This limited edition package is available at private liquor stores Harvest Wine & Spirits and WestSide in Halifax

For the musician, you could personalized guitar pick, or concert tickets so you’re creating memories together.

You could also commission some artwork that’s personal to you both, or something you know you’re significant other would love. In the past I’ve found album art from some of Travis’s favorite records, and it’s definitely been worth the struggle and the time to find it.

While it might be tight you could also commission our friends at Creative Urban Timber big or small they make some beautiful hand crafted pieces, so you can really make sure it’s special! Definitely worth reaching out :):)

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One thing I love to gift is books, I know it doesn’t sound interesting, but it’s amazing to gift knowledge. Really think about your man and the kinds of things they’d be interested in reading maybe it’s biographies about SNL (hi babe), or historical stuff for the history buff.

Books are a gift that not only encourages you to slow down, but it’s also something you could do together, and then have interesting conversations about it later. Do not underestimate the power of an interesting read!


I can be painfully practical when it comes to gifts both giving and receiving (I think it’s my frugal nature). I typically want something I can use, and I feel like a lot of people can feel the same.

Don’t be afraid to go all out and get something engraved, or embossed: there are so many ways to make these practical gifts so more personal and special. Some places that immediately come to mind that offer engraving are obviously Things Engraved, as well Roots.





Socks + Slippers

Passport Holder, Travel kits, luggage

Athletic Gear (we’re big fans of Sport Chek)

Leather Bound Planners/ Organizers


Jeans (or other clothing they wear day-to-day)

Camera Gear (upgraded lens, straps, bags, items to protect/ stay organized)


Tech, I don’t want to put men into a box or anything, but A LOT of them do enjoy their toys, so think things that Bluetooth enabled and can help make their lives easier in some way shape or form. As well as something they can show off to their friends (come on y’all know your fellas love to do this).

Whether its a convenient car charger, a smart alarm clock, a drone, or virtual reality gear really think about what could make their lives easier, or more organized, or just fun!

For instance, I know a lots of my friend’s husbands love to unwind from their stressful jobs with video games, so maybe think about ways to enhance that experience. Shop Smart Home Devices at Telus by clicking here.


Headphones + Speakers We’ve had are eye on the Sonas PLAYBAR Wireless Speaker available at Telus. It’s beautiful and would take netflix to a whole other level.

Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulbs (these are so fun)

Docking station (something to organize all the tech devices)

Drone (make sure you learn about the laws about the use of drones)

Smart Alarm Clock/ Docking station (there’s some cool products that use light, and sounds for alarms which could make for a better wake up experience).

Camera / Lens upgrades


Maybe your man is bougie, hey we’re not here to judge. I love having a face mask buddy.


Salon brand hair care, skin care (Jack Black is our fave).

An extravagant Candle

Take all the items from the practical section and purchase them in heavy duty fabrics, leathers or maybe even designer brands.

Grooming Products (I’m thinking about the fellas with beards)

Fragrances (Shoppers has a great Fragrance Sampler gift sets that have 10 samples, and then a voucher to purchase a full size version of one of the samples. It’s a great gift because they can test what they like, and also have samples for travel).

Cashmere sweater (they have some nice ones from Banana Republic I got Travis one near the end of summer and we’re really happy with it).

Fancy Knives (kitchen stuff)


Aroma Time Ultra Sonic Deffuser (it’s so sleek and with am/ pm settings it’s perfect for your best side table).


Are they a star wars fan? into super heroes? There’s so many quirky ways to play up their childish side. Get them a hilarious mug, or t-shirt they can wear at the gym or weekends. This is where the internet really comes in handy because you can really find some fun stuff. From a Zombie survival kit to Doctor Who Tardis Mugs to star wars calendars there’s so many possibilities.



gift ideas for him

When it comes to stocking stuffers it can be tough because the items for those little socks can add up QUICK.

I like to think of stocking from again a practical perspective, and purchase all the annoying things that most people (a) don’t want to buy for themselves (b) actual do need like razors, grooming products, Soothing lip products (there are some side benefits). I also like to add fun things too like yummy chocolates, maybe some hand warmers, mittens things that are useful for winter. It’s also a great place to tuck in little items too like gift cards for coffee, or their favorite resto or even Home Depot or the grocery store (places you KNOW they will use it).  Because you’re hanging them too you also want to consider items that are light.

Ultimately when it comes to any gift giving BE THOUGHTFUL, really take some time to consider the person, what they like, what they might need, what they might want, but won’t buy for themselves. It doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, but if you do think about it they will not notice whether you spent $5 for $500. It’s really the thought that counts.

Hopefully this will give you a good place to start or spark another idea for you, if you think of an amazing gift idea, or you purchased something similar to these suggestions PLEASE message me I wanna hear about it.



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