Mcdonald’s is upping their burger game, and let me tell you they’ve come out of the gate full force and swinging. If you’re not familiar with their new Create Your Taste Kiosk that allows you to Build Your Own Angus Burger buckle up because you’re in for a delicious ride. 

Without question, burgers are have been having a major moment, and not just your regular run of the mill plain burgers with ketchup and mustard, but a delicious full flavor crazy amount of toppings kind-of-burger.  
“It’s not just about cheap food and fast service anymore. It’s about the experience”.
McDonald’s knows you’re after a different kind of eating experience, and they hear you. It’s not about cheap food and fast service anymore. You want to feel wined and dined, and you want to (of course) document the entire drool worthy process. 
Cue the Build Your Angus Burger Kiosk which allows you to completely customize the burger you want, so whether you like your 100% Canadian beef burger super simple, or you literally want to try everything (nearly 30 toppings to choose from) all at the same time: you can! And with the guest experience leader always at your disposal, there’s no question too big or too little, since he/she is there to assist you every step of the way. 
“This rollout will help to employ up to 330 new local jobs in Nova Scotia”.
While this personalized approach to the McDonald’s dining experience is great for customers it’s also creating new roles while the McDonald’s franchise. It’s estimated that this roll out will help to employ up to 330 new local jobs in Nova Scotia restaurants reflecting between 10-15 additional jobs per resto! While chatting with the staff at the event they are even in talks with NSCC’s culinary department as this new initiative is opening up a plethora of opportunities for new grads to get some experience in the kitchen. 
Obviously, the made to order burgers are slightly more complicated (and time-consuming) because they are so individual and personal. But it’s actually kind of neat because the custom burgers ordered from the Kiosk are prepared by one specific chef from his own station that he monitors, and maintains himself. He even has his own special outfit. So cool right?
I had a blast learning about this new customized dining experience from McDonald’s, and of course, I had to try one of the burgers myself! I ordered my burger on a lettuce wrap (I mean I’ve only been dreaming about this FOREVER), with tomato, natural cheese (hello – ah-mazing), guac (insert hands emoji), pickle, and red onion. The burger was so fresh and so delicious, and all the toppings were everything I wanted and more. I would 100% order it again, and I think it’s just so much more inclusive now that I love that me (the conscious eater) can go out and eat with my friends, and not feel like the annoying the server by asking for a thousand exceptions or changes. 
Mo ordered her Angus burger with a ciabatta bun and was overjoyed with the option to add Mac Sauce. I mean who doesn’t want the option for mac sauce? Sometimes you just want the sauce and not the entire Big Mac am I right? 
“Having the Guest Experience Leader there to guide me through the ordering process really helped because of course, I had questions”. 
It’s great because she allows you to make changes that aren’t necessarily available at the kiosk. For instance, she’ll ask if you want ice in your drink, or if you want any sauce for your fries etc. It’s really helpful, and they super knowledgeable about the options it’s nice to have them there to guide you. As well when you order you get a little buzzer that will let you know when you’re order is ready, and the Guest Experience Leader will even bring you your food. I think this would be amazing if you had kids, and you just wanted to get them seated (distracted) and settled while you wait. 

“So often I am the odd man (or woman rather) out because I do like to eat slightly differently than the average consumer; allowing for a less standardized way of ordering really is integral for a collective dining experience”.
This way of ordering is so perfect for me I can’t even begin to express my excitement. So often I am the odd man (or woman rather) out because I do like to eat slightly differently than the average consumer; allowing for a less standardized way of ordering really is integral for a collective dining experience.  My only suggestion going forward would be to allow for a grilled chicken option. I realize this is new and it’s a matter of rolling everything out before it gets more complicated, but adding the option of a chicken burger would seriously be amazing, and also include those who prefer to avoid red meat or for those who like to switch it up every one in a while. Otherwise, McDonald’s you are after my own heart with those lettuce wraps and guac.
You can enjoy ordering from the Build Your Own Angus Burger kiosks from 11am-7pm every day in McDonald’s restaurants all across the country! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and please feel to direct any questions either below or via social media @shortpresents. I’d love to answer them for you if I can, and if not I’ll find out for you.
Happy Tuesday! 


Short Presents 
This post was sponsored by McDonald’s; however, all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors. 

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