Who says you have to hibernate alone?? While the weather outside is not exactly ideal, and it can encourage us to stay indoors: it doesn’t need to be boring, and it certainly doesn’t need to be lonely.

Recently I was invited to try the Smirnoff Ice Party Packs, and I felt super inspired to get my friends together so whether it’s been wayyyyy too long, or it’s been 5 minutes we all need a girl’s night every now and then!  Today I’m chatting all about my favorite tips for hosting the ultimate girls night.

The Smirnoff Ice Party Packs include 4 different flavours (Green Apple, Grapefruit (my fave), Pineapple, and Raspberry) and (a) come in the cutest little packaging, and (B) make hosting SO easy (basically my two favorite things).

Ready to drink, I love that there’s a flavour for everyone, and bonus no worries about doing the dishes later, or smashing your fave wine glasses. As hard as we try there’s always at least one causality.

With drinks taken care of here are some of my go-to tips for

how to host the ultimate girls night.


Sure your gal pals can come over and you can simply chat the night away, but having activities to fall back will minimize stress and any awkwardness. I always love to put out some nail polishes, face masks, body scrubs, flash tattoos etc and let my guests dictate what they want to do (and when)!

You can take it one step further and set up little stations around your house, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of ALL the spaces. I’ve even gone so far as to use my bath tub as a foot soak for pedicures, and let me tell you…

having all my girls pile into my tiny little tub was pretty much the funniest thing I think we’ve ever done.


Whether it’s a movie, or music having something on in the background is always a great idea. Feel free to push your coffee table out of the way and mimic ALL those slumber party vibes with lots of pillows and cozy blankets! Pro tip, put on a movie everyone’s seen a zillion times so you can talk through it without any need to fill in the blanks, but you can make all the commentary on fashion, makeup etc.



To instill all the lounging vibes either opt for pjs, or robes: trust me you won’t regret it!


Whether you light some scented candles, turn on a nebulizer, or switch on some twinkle lights you want your guests to feel welcome and invited into your space. I love the warmth of lighting, and I definitely think it sets the tone.



Something about being around my favorite people just gives me such an energy buzz, not to mention most of my friends are dancers so obviously dancing is a MUST. Even if your friends aren’t prima ballerinas like mine feel free to bust out some tunes (90s are my fave), and enjoy belting out all the songs from your youth.



Your friends are getting together to enjoy each others company and catch up, so don’t make a big deal about it! As long as you have a couple things in order the rest will figure its self out! Don’t worry about fancy glasses! With products like the ready to drink Smirnoff Ice Party Packs just get some fun straws, cute napkins (they can even be from the dollar store) then order a pizza and you’re good to go. And from our friends at Smirnoff, please drink responsibly and ensure your friends get home safe.


Hope you found this post helpful.

What are your favorite tips for the best girls night??








*This post was sponsored by Smirnoff; however, all opinions expressed are my own.


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