Hey hey lovely blog readers ! Hope you’re off to a great week. If you follow me on social media you know that right now I’m in New York (aka concrete jungle where dreams are made of). So you might see a little delay in posting over the next week, but I promise my social media accounts (@shortpresents) will be chock full of NYC adventures. Make sure you’re keeping up with us on Instagram and snapchat , as that’s where I’ll probably be posting the most. 

We got in yesterday around 5pmish, and got into the city about an hour later (hello New York Traffic I see you), but so far we’re off to a great start. I met 3 adorable pugs yesterday (and anyone who knows me knows I’m OBSESSED with pugs) their names were Daisy, Oliver, and Hank. We waited in line for over 45 mins for Shake Shack at Madison Square Park (so worth it), and then we finally caught a glimpse of the Flat Iron (despite having been here twice before).  It’s SO skinny lol feels like it could just fall over with a strong breeze.
Then we made our way to an improv comedy show at UCB Theatre. If you’re not been before you should totally check it out. There are free shows on Sundays, and some big names like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have been known to stop by. 
We caught the show last night and anyone who watches Parks and Rec and for anyone who is familiar with Freddy Spaghetti (or as he would probably prefer you call him Brian McCann) from the episode with the outdoor concert in Ann Perkins’ back yard. Well! He was there among a few others, and they were so darn funny! I literally laughed and laughed until my belly hurt (which was much needed after downing a burger and fries just moments before the show). It was such a great environment, and just really neat to see people be so creative on the fly.  I’d highly recommend. 
Also, can we talk about this view tho? We seriously lucked out with our hotel room and upgrade to the #sheratonclub. The outdoor lounge offers stunning views while you indulge on wine and cheese from 6-8, and breakfast from 7:30-10.  I mean?? So amazing!
Hope you’re having a great week, and be sure to follow along. I have an entire spreadsheet of things to do, and places to eat, and I intend on experience every last one of them. 
Short Presents 

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