Recently I had the absolute pleasure of attending an event packed weekend with Shoppers Drug Mart and President’s Choice. From a cooking class, to a beauty gala, Heart and Stroke Fundraiser and even a 5K: in true blogging fashion we REALLY jammed a lot into one weekend. And of course you know I put together a fun little vlog so you can feel like you came along too!




Traveling in style, I picked up the girls (Suzi Confesses and Writing Whimsy) in the beautiful Ford Escape and we made our way to meet Sarah (Boho And Braids) in Moncton. Special thanks to Ford for providing us with wheels for the weekend we loveeeedddd the Escape it was the perfect size and boy did we need that trunk space on the way back lol. I loved the built in navigation, as well as the camera sensors both for backing up, and parking, but also for high way driving. I really found the built in controls super helpful it really enhanced the driving, and really just made the experience so much less stressful.

We left Friday afternoon, so by the time we go to the hotel we were definitely starving so we popped over to Calactus for dinner. Calactus is a vegetarian restaurant, but you’d never know: the menu is so diverse, and meals are so hearty. I had the Big Mark w/ garden salad which also came with a bit of potatoes (my favorite thing ever is to have a little bit of both), and it was so good you guys! Definitely recommend.

For the weekend we stayed at the Delta Beausejour, conveniently located in the heart of Moncton it’s super easy to zip from place to place. The beds were also super comfy (which was great because I’m not going to lie I was zonked after driving), and the breakfast was perfect. Couldn’t ask for anything better. My one regret is that we didn’t make it to the water slide, but that just means we have something to check out the next time around.


We had so much fun learning new techniques in the kitchen, about new products, and all the amazing things the Superstore is doing with the community in Moncton.

It’s always amazing to me to see big companies give back to their community. It was educational and heart warming at the same time, the President’s Choice group really are such lovely people I feel so fortunate to be able to work with them.


Not that it takes a lot to make these girls beautiful, we enjoyed some extra pampering from the experts at Shoppers Drug Mart. We may or may not have also done some shopping as well, and taken part in some of the giveaways, and games in-store. It was such a fun event, and the staff really know how to make a girl feel special. What a great way to spend the afternoon.



From live entertainment, dance performances, a fashion show, all mixed with a little bit of health promotion the NB Heart Truth Gala was really the spotlight of this trip. We had so much fun jamming to the tunes, and while the subject matter was a little serious at times (and it should be) they do such a good job of creating balance with the event. We had a blast (as you’ll see in the video lol) and don’t these girls look amazing??

Round of applause for all the talented folks who performed at the NB Heart Truth we were blown away! From Christine Johnston doing a pole dancing performance that was absolutely stunning holy moly she’s so strong such an amazing example of what the female body can do, to the beautiful performances that opened for Walk off the Earth who absolutely brought the house down. I can’t remember a concert I’ve had more fun, they really really did an amazing job it was so fun.


After a night out on the town we laced up for the run for Women.

Did you know running and walking are healthy ways to manage mild to moderate depression and anxiety?

It’s so important for us to keep our bodies moving, and not only for our bodies, but for our minds too!! The Shoppers Love You Run is so motivating, and I absolutely love this event. It so incredibly supportive, and truly warms your heart to see everything women can accomplish when you stick together, and I have to say this was so true for us girls throughout the weekend too. I was so happy to be surrounded by such kindness, and support.

Anytime you travel with people you REALLY get to know them on a personal level, and there are times that are stressful, and wonderful all at the same time, and these girls were so great we all really worked together and it just really made for a lovely weekend.

Thank you so much Shoppers and President’s Choice for an amazing reminder to care of ourselves, as well as nurture those around us! What an amazingly inspiring weekend. Thank you Thank you Thank you.




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