The closing night of Atlantic Fashion Week is a great opportunity for established designers to showcase their recent collections. With everything from maternity lines to swimsuits, to jewelry (yay Beck and Boosh) and everything in between it was definitely an entertaining show.
The Atlantic Fashion Week Closing Show is always fun, and it was great to see everyone looking amaze in the industry and to see all the local designer’s collections. With so many collections, and so much talent it’s difficult to mention all of them here (I love you all XO). I’ve compiled here are some photos (via Brent McCombs) to just give you a glimpse of some of the action.  You’ll just have to come out next time!

Rainy Sunday & Beck And Boosh Jewelry 

Inspired by those rainy Sundays, when all you want to do is wrap up in a cozy sweater,  designer and owner Jenn LeBlanc, is the mastermind behind Rainy Sunday. Based in St. John’s, NL the collection is a mix of super soft yarns, innovative stitches and effortless, easy to wear silhouettes. Rainy Sunday is a brand that prides itself on quality and creating sweaters that you never want to take off.
Find Rainy Sunday:

Beck & Boosh Jewelry and Styles is co-owned by Rebecca LaPointe
(Beck) and Miriah Kearney (Boosh). Both women, were born and raised in
Nova Scotia, and share a common passion for jewelry and fashion. The
concept of Beck & Boosh was created over play dates and coffee, but
both women knew there was a need for fashionable, affordable

Beck & Boosh is sold online at, at
their seasonal kiosk on the third floor of MicMac Mall and a selected
range at all 26 Pseudio stores. The pieces sold at Beck & Boosh are
either hand assembled by the Beck & Boosh team or designed by the
owners and made in India. 


Find Beck And Boosh


Ozlem was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. After
receiving a scholarship from Saint Mary’s University, she moved to
Canada when she was 18. She completed a double major in advanced
Political Science and German with a minor in Business but her heart was
always in fashion.
She explored her passions in life during university
years; trying to find what it is that she really wants to do and decided
to pursue them on the side. She started designing costume jewellery
with swarovski crystals and evil eye glass beads for herself and her
friends as a hobby. It was all about colours and sparkle. Soon after,
this hobby of hers turned into popular jewellery parties and exhibits.
She decided to take a summer off of university and take jewellery design
courses. Following that summer, Moda Jewellery and Accessories was
born. After many years of designing, marketing, retailing, and
distributing to stores around Canada; Ozlem founded House of Moda with
her partner. The word “moda” means fashion in many European languages.
House of Moda, the fashion house, is located in Halifax, NS. Now, HoM is
more than just a jewellery boutique; it is a social meeting point in
the city.

Ozlem’s designs were worn by celebrities like Beyoncé in her world tour,
Mary Zilba from The Real Housewives of Vancouver, Mary Murphy from So
You Think You Can Dance, Catherine Zeta Jones, Alicia Silverstone,
Sophia Miles, Keisha Chante, and many more. Ozlem and her work were
feautred in the Toronto Star, Chronicle Herald, E-Talk, People and
LouLou magazine.

Vibrant colours, statement prints and effortless designs. The Zafira
woman is confident, adventurous and looking to stand out. Fearless in
her exploration of fashion but looking for something practical to wear
along her journey. Zafira is designed and produced in Halifax, NS Canada.

Find Connie:

Inspired by all the elements of being
born and raised in Canada, Taye Landry combines both real and faux fur
for her first-ever collection. Driven by her crave for all things
dangerous, Landry pushes every boundary. Creating pieces that inspire
individuals to explore new altitudes, over-sized and full of depth. This collection is a form of armour.
It’s about protection. Allowing those that indulge, to feel freedom from
pain, suffering and the external world. Taye Anita offers a sense of
security. Made in Canada.

Find Taye:
Website: http://tayeanita.com/

From dance performances to protests to folks in drag it was definitely a must see show. I will say though that was unfortunate that the setting wasn’t planned a little better. In an attempt to speed up the show the models
were asked not to complete the catwalk when doing their walk throughs,
and so us media folk and photographers located at the end of the “s”
shaped runway really missed a lot of the show.  In any case there’s
always going to hiccups and learning experiences from these types of events especially so when it’s a new venue.  Ultimately it still was an amazing show, and the local designers really worked hard, and it really showed on the runway!
Great job everyone 
x Short Presents 

Stay tuned to the blog next week as I’ll be recapping World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto!

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