Enter through the Middle Spoon, and make your way down stairs through the kitchen, and along a long hallway, open the door and enter into Noble. Arguably one of the coolest spots Halifax has to offer this speak easy inspired bar, Noble is a lot of fun. Just make sure you know the password though because otherwise you’re not getting in. 

Recently I was invited along with a number of other bloggers to attend
the Brugal Rum Tasting. Ambassador Nicolas Villalon hosted and guided us
through a casual, educational, spirited tasting of the No.1
Rum in the Caribbean – Brugal.  Since I was coming directly from work I didn’t have the big camera with me, so please do pardon the iphone quality photos.

Upon our arrival we were quickly introduced to the other bloggers, and then prompted for a beverage of our choice.  I chose a fresh tonic beverage with a beautifully fresh sliver of cucumber. 
After a bit of mingling (and of course a few photos or two) we made our
way to our seats. On the tables were 5 glasses filled ever so slightly
with a variety of different kinds of Brugal Rum. Our host, Nicolas
guided us through each one educating us on the how they are made, and
all the different factors that come into play while creating rum. Having
been down South before I felt instantly transported, and it was quite
lovely (especially after a long work day). The kinds we tried at the tasting were:

1: Brugal Especial Extra Dry -$27.98
2: Brugal Anejo – $27.98
3: Brugal XV – $36.99 (not yet in NS)
4: Brugal 1888 -$70.88 (limited number of bottles available in NSLC stores)
5: Brugal Siglo de Oro -$129.99 (sold out in NS, were 2 bottles in NB)

Along with the various kinds of rum were also some little nibbles, among
delicious meats, and cheeses were also little miniature grapes, and
sweet popcorn and baguette.  Upon completing the tasting Lacey (owner of The Middle
Spoon) brought around chocolate covered almonds that were coated with
powdered sugar! They were AH-MAZING! This lady never ceases to amaze me; she always gets it right. 
The rums we tried were actually really great, and I’m really not a huge rum drinker (I quite enjoy
my gin and sodas thank you very much). I especially enjoyed learning how to properly take in
the fragrance of the rum, as well as how to properly consume it so it
hits all the right taste buds at the right time. I definitely noticed a
difference in taste when I accidentally didn’t follow instructions
(insert dragon breath here). I think my most favorite (and also the
second most expensive no less) was the Brugal 1888. Double-distilled and double-aged first in American oak barrels followed by Spanish Sherry casks, this rum is lightly sweet and isn’t overly spicy or smoky. It was really nice, and almost like a brandy, definitely a sipping rum.
Thanks so much for having us! I definitely learned a lot and it was really a lot of fun 🙂 
x Short Presents  

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