Dal Dance Summer Dance Classes

Gotta dance?

It’s that time again! Registration for summer dance classes with the DalDance Society will be held this coming Tuesday (first day of class in the Studley Dance Studio, on University Ave Across from the Kiliam Library). Print out a registration form and waiver from the website and bring it along with you to class. 

If you are dal student, dal alum, dalplex member you can register for dance classes with the Dal Dance society. With a recreation approach to dance you can try to kick off your summer by trying something new or you can pick up an old habit and brush up on your mad dance skills. 

Check out the classes offered here: DalDanceSociety

Class fees 

$25 for 1 hour classes 
$30 for 1.5 hour classes per semester

Summer Term starts on June 7.


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