Before we move forward it’s important to take a quick glance at where we’ve been, so we’ve round up our most popular looks from 2015!

Mo (lion-hunter.com) and I shot this look after a lovely brunch with Kaylee who was visiting from Toronto. There was something about these soft colors that made we want to shoot near the water. For outfit details click here.

Tulle skirts are always a blog favorite, and a lot of times we want to wear them, but we’re just not sure how to go about it without looking too over the top. This outfit was an attempt to show readers that you can simply wear your favorite tank top, and sandals with your tulle skirt and call it a day. For outfit details click here.

The above photo was from my shoot with Alexa Cude (NxN Photography) for the grand opening of Aritzia’s (huge) Halifax location. It was a little hectic getting the clothing on time having just been to Toronto with Airmiles, but it was a fun shoot, and Alexa immediately made us feel comfortable. For outfit details click here.

This look was one of my favorites from my second fashion week in Toronto. Although I froze my butt off (I mean we all did that week) it was worth it for these photos (Thanks Princess PersonalBravery.com).  For outfit details click here.

This dress. Holy crap people went bananas for this dress, and for good reason. It’s the MOST comfortable dress, and so perfect for holiday. I even wore it again (twice) this Christmas season!  For outfit details click here.

You might notice a bit of a trend with my outfit choices because truth be told I prefer a loose fit when it comes to my clothes. This Mink Pink dress from Sweet Pea was just so cute, and honestly a little unexpected for me (I never wear yellow), but there was something about its bold color, and print that instantly caught my eye while we were shooting a 70s inspired segment with CTV. Something you might not know is that when I did my photo shoot with Winners for their Fall lookbook this was the look they pulled as my inspiration. It was pretty neat to see my photo posted above a rack of custom pulled clothing. For outfit details click here.

You can never go wrong with a fit and flare dress (especially when you have hips like me) and you can also never go wrong with black and white which is why I think I was instantly drawn to this dress from Envy Clothing. I also remember the girls being a little iffy about these red shoes, but I trusted my gut and it paid off! I loved this look, and I think the image of this dress is still my most popular instagram post to date. For outfit detail click here.

When I spotted this black fringe dress at Winners I knew it was a fashion week dress. Perfectly fun, and different I knew I had  to snatch it right away before it was gone. Safe to say, this outfit was a huge hit at fashion week, and thank god it was a little warmer that day because I really could have froze my butt off. I think most people thought this was one piece, but I actually layered a white t-shirt under the black dress because I didn’t want to cover the fringe (#priorities). Get outfit details here

When hosting a holiday styling a style session at Halifax Shopping Centre I pulled this skirt, and then later that day went back to buy it. I mean I spent like 3 hours staring at it, and the more I talked about it with everyone the more I convince myself I needed it in my wardrobe. Outfit details here.

Ahhh I still love this outfit. From the high waisted culottes to the plunging neckline to my suede fringe coat I really liked this look for the last day of fashion week this October.  This top (from Aritzia) was another piece I picked up long before fashion week, but set it aside with every intention of styling it for attending the shows. Full outfit details here. 
Well that’s a wrap on 2015 folks! Looking forward to pushing even more boundaries and experimenting more with my clothing in the year ahead. I’ve definitely learned to never say never because you will most certainly eat your words. Phewf what an incredible year! Thanks so much for sticking by me dearest blog reader you have no idea how much it means to me. 

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  • Reply Pawlo January 2, 2016 at 2:42 am

    the shoes!!! always gorgeous. love the smallest details of each outfit.

    • Reply Short Presents January 3, 2016 at 3:36 pm

      I'm so glad you notice! These are always my favorite as well. I'm all about the subtle details 🙂

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