Wok Box – Clayton Park

For lunch, the girls and I wanted to grab something quick, but not McDonald’s quick. We agreed on Wok Box, it had enough variety that we all found something we liked. Located in the heart of Clayton park and at Dartmouth crossing, Wok Box is great for even the most hesitant eater in your group. I forget sometimes how ambitious I am when it comes to food; I just think that everyone eats like that. Life it too short to be eating the same things all the time. Expand your horizons I say; Wok Box is good way to do that because most people can at least identify with a stir fry. 

Wok box offers vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan options! I know right? All inclusive. While I was waiting in line I was reading one of their posters and read that they’ve recently cut down on a lot of their sodium content. Reduced sodium at a fast food chain restaurant; it’s like the heavens have opened up. 

The pho soup was okay, but nothing compared to Star Anise (on barrington). They did not skimp on the green onions, so that’s a win. The soup lacked the beautiful balance of spice that I’m used to. Pepper isn’t enough people, it needed a bit more of something I’m not sure what that is, but it could of used a bit more punch. The portion was perfect for lunch, and for 5 dollars; I’m not complaining. 

Wok Box is good when you are on the run, it’s quick and it’s not dirty. The inside is actually quite modern looking; the tables are roomy with large windows that let in a lot natural light. Overall it was pretty good. The little take out boxes are pretty cute with their metal handles. 

Not an instant favorite, but I’d give it a go, 

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