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Fashion Friday: Tommy Blazer

While I was travelling in Las Vegas I picked up this little vixen of a jacket at the Tommy Outlet. I love it, it adds just a hint of sophistication without looking like a man’s jacket (Although I’m not exactly apposed to that anyway). You don’t have to travel all the way to Vegas to get discounted merchandise. Darmouth Crossing has a Tommy Outlet store that has a lot of the exact same stuff. 

I am so oddly attracted to any clothing that looks like it could be worn on a boat, and there’s something about navy blue and stripes that just screams sailing. I couldn’t be more happy that it seems to be everywhere this spring season. 

I love the fit of this jacket, it’s slightly shorter in the back than it is in the front, so it’s cute when you wear a dress shirt and it peaks out from under, but it also goes well with a pencil skirt cinching in at your waste (the narrowest part of the body). I’m in LOVE with detailing on this jacket from the brass anchor buttons to the small chain that fastens the jacket together: it’s a dream.

If you aren’t a blazer junkie like me you will be soon, and with so many different shapes and styles to chose from there’s got to something that works for your body shape and/or size. 

More Vegas finds to come, 
Happy Friday

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