When Food Gets Serious

When people in your life are ill it gets you to thinking… 

If we are what we eat, what are we eating that is making us so sick? 

I’ve been thinking about this over the last little while; with encouragement from loved ones under close supervision of a team of doctors it’s difficult these days to not feel guilty about the diet soda, and the artificial sweetener when you know all the potential side affects: dementia, stroke, dizziness, memory loss etc. Makes you wonder what other harmful chemicals are we eating that we don’t really realize? 

Now I know we have grown accustom to our packaged foods, and low fat cheeses, yada yada, BUT some of these things can actually be making us fat, and not to mention: sick. 

Some things to keep it mind. 

Fat Free Foods: 

Fat free foods basically have all the life sucked out of them, and the only way to make them bareable again, is to pump them full of sugar. What does sugar do in your body you ask? stores as FAT. Yup that’s right people, all that fat free food could just be a big BUST if you don’t check the sugar content. Sometimes there is up to 35grams of sugar in your yogurt; which is insane you might as well eat the sugar from the bowl. You are more likely to binge on  “fat free” foods than if you just straight up ate the good stuff. If you’re going to have a treat just do it right.


So we all know pesticides are bad news bears, but what makes them even more dangerous is that some foods with a very thin skin can absorb the chemicals deep into their tissue, and no amount of washing can clean that puppy dry. Now I know organic is expensive, and the market can be overwhelming, BUT if you can’t afford all organic just make sure to buy organic apples, grapes and tomatoes. Things like oranges and bananas are fine, their skin is thick enough that the chemical don’t seep through (as much). You can soak your fruits and veg in diluted vinegar and water; this should help get rid of the surface residue. The business with pesticides is that it mimics estrogen in the body, and when we have too much estrogen in our bodies we actually gain weight and fellas you know why you don’t want estrogen. Not to mention who wants those toxic chemicals floating around in our bodies? We don’t know what they’ll get into later. We should be able to feel good about eating fruits and veggies, but unfortunately we’ve come so far away from natural foods that we’ve destroyed the sacred as well as the profane. 

Canned and/or packaged foods: 

Canned and/or packaged foods sometimes contain BPA and like pesticides BPA can mimic estrogen too. When we have too much estrogen in our bodies it actually makes us store fat. Whenever you can (within reason of course) try to buy chick peas, or beans in a bag rather than in the can because the can is lined with BPA (even the organic ones). Scary I know! Be mindful of how you are purchasing your fish and chicken as well; make sure to remove from plastic when you get home. If you can try to buy meats as close to the time you want to cook them. Opt for glass containers and if you still own one: NEVER put plastic in the microwave. 

Being overweight isn’t just about how you look in those skinny jeans; it’s so much more than that. Obesity is the leading cause of heart complications, diabetes, high blood pressure and the list goes on and on. BUT it’s preventable! The thing is the bigger you are, the more places you have cancer to grow, and not to mention it’s a hugh strain to your system. We currently have the most amount of “fat free” foods ever available, from skinny ice cream to baked chips, but we are also the fattest we’ve EVER been. When I see innocent children who struggle to push themselves up at the playground; I have to tell you my heart breaks. This isn’t fair to them, we should be setting our children up for success by being positive role models, not sabotaging them with high fructose corn syrup. 

Some things to just keep in mind I know I can’t seem to push it out of mine lately. 

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