The Company House – Craig Cardiff

Last weekend Craig Cardiff performed at the Company House located on Gottigen Street. The North end of Halifax has been known for its adventurous reputation, but the North End is certainly turning itself around and has a lot more to offer than we give credit.

This video is uploaded from youtube, since my iphone won’t let me upload the video I recorded.

Craig Cardiff put on an intimate show, seated at a merch table to your immediate left when you walked in Cardiff personally greeting his audience. The show only cost 10 dollars, and it was well worth every penny.

Comical Cardiff preempted each song with a brief story to apply context for the audience. The audience engaged and responded with stories, and laughter.

Comfortable and intimate, The Company House  offers plenty of seating in the low lit space. You are not forced to experience the show as a sardine, sweating and rubbing up against strangers.

Circulating a “truth book” Cardiff invited the audience to shares their secrets, and at the end he read a few. One person wrote that they “walked in on someone while they were using the bathroom and in shock failed to apologize and wanted to take the opportunity to say sorry”. The crowed laughed when Cardiff attempted to pin point who was responsible for this careless deed.

So often you perform at a show and you never really get to know what happens behind the scenes. It’s these little things that make take it down to a personal level. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; even the couple Cardiff invited up on stage to slow dance while he sang about long term relationships.

For upcoming show listings check out their website: 
The Company House
North End 2202 Gottingen, 
Halifax, NS B3K 3B4 

For more Craig Cardiff 
Check out his website: 

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