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Bogs Boots

Don’t Let Winter in Halifax Bog you down.

I’ve survived enough Halifax winters, to have had too many days with wet feet. Trudging through all that slush is both messy and dangerous. I specifically recall one day that was particularly wretched outside and I was catching a bus to class on the corner of Quinpool and Oxford. The sidewalks had been salted, but not the curb; I took one step onto the curb and I was instantly down for the count. Now, most of you know how busy Quinpool is at 8am on a weekday, so you can get a sense of my embarrassment. However, what was more humiliating was that I had to spend the rest of Bob Dylan class soaking wet after falling onto my behind into a mound of slush.

I was recently shopping at Oh my Sole, and I can tell you that given the weather here in Halifax these Bogs Boots have me sold. They are waterproof, well insulated, and they have grips on the bottom for those icy cold days. So whether you are trucking it through the snow, or attempting to step on slippery curbs these boots got your back, and your feet covered.

Now I should tell you that I feel a bit conflicted; I love my Lacoste rain boots, and they did get me through two Halifax winters, in all their black and white glory. They cost nearly the same price as the bogs(@ around 160), but what they are lacking in, is the insulated factor. Sorry Lacoste boots: it’s been real, but I’m going to have to upgrade to a warmer, more versatile boot. We’ve had some good dry times, but I will forever blame you (and your lack of grips), and the mud mess created by construction at Saint Mary’s for the epic fall of Spring ’09. I blame you for the humiliating encounter in the SMU female washroom, and the pity party that ensued from the mud that plastered itself onto my pantyhose and caked itself into my tweed mini skirt. Just sayin’

Bogs come in an array of colors and designs, but if you are a plain-Jane like me, they also come in simple black (as seen above). If you are more daring there are prints and patterns to suit your tootsies.

Also at Oh My Sole they have a computerized machine that tells you where you put the most pressure on your feet, so you can buy insoles accordingly. You just simply remove your shoes and stand on the machine, and there is a flat screen monitor on the wall in front of you. The monitor lights up blue in the shape of your foot, but also shows colors: red for the most pressure, and yellow for mild. I learned that I have high arches, here I thought my entire life that I had flat feet; huh. I’m still not joining the army.

If you plan to go outside at all this winter, I’d give these boots: a buy.

miss kayla

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  • Reply Khrysty December 10, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    Epic fall of Spring '09 – BEST fall down story ever. Great article 😀

  • Reply short presents December 11, 2010 at 6:11 pm


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