It’s been HOT HOT HOT, so how do you pick outfits that beat the heat, but still look chic?? For our quick little pop by Sugar Beach prior to driving to Niagara I opted for a loose fitting blouse, and some denim shorts. I don’t know about you, but when the heat hits I really don’t like fitted clothing, so having a blouse that loose is key, but we’ll talk more about this later. But first, we need to chat about this adorable location.

I’ve been wanting to shoot at Sugar Beach for what feels like an eternity. I mean pink umbrellas and a white sand beach?? It’s a blogger’s paradise.

No matter how hard I tried I just never seemed to be able to make it, something would always come up, my flight would get delayed, I wouldn’t have enough time, it would rain, (it happens), I didn’t have a photographer, you name it there was always something preventing me from getting to Sugar Beach. So you can imagine my recent excitement to FINALLY be able to go! Because we rented a car for Niagara we stopped by before heading our of the city a few weeks ago, and guys it did not disappoint! EEP it was so cute! I will say, however, our experience was an interesting one.


Shirt, Dynamite Clothing

Shorts, Aritzia

Headband, Old Navy

Sunnies, c/o Le Chateau

Shoes, Converse

Not only did we get free parking (yay) a man kindly gifted us his parking ticket, so we didn’t need to feed the parking meter. Thank you so much to this complete stranger for paying it forward, we definitely did the same as we were leaving. After shooting (which we were super happy that the beach had been so quiet, everyone always talks about how busy this spot is I was super pumped that we were there so early and it really wasn’t too bad at all. Despite what people say about bloggers I actually try really hard to be respectful of those around me when I’m shooting. I fully recognize that not everyone wants their photos taken (especially at the beach), so that was win #2.

Then things got interesting, because we were going to be driving for a while we figured we should probably make a stop at the loo! Well we were in for a treat. We made our way over to the building next to the beach, where there’s a Tim Horton’s, and some other stuff. Approaching the bathroom, a girl excited, and for some reason she was holding a fresh slice of pizza. She must have rested her pizza on the baby changing table because when Travis entered, the door wouldn’t fully open and he actually really hurt his hand because she didn’t close it. We both shook our heads because we found the whole thing very odd, who brings their pizza into a bathroom (the germophobe in me was cringing a silent cry), but then thing got even weirder. We found a diamond ring on the toilet paper dispenser. A DIAMOND RING.

I was like,  the universe is. funked. up. LOL But of course I immediately tried to find a lost and found to leave the room in case the owner came back to claim it. I mean it was a beautiful ring. I probably had to ask about 4 different people, and no one wanted to take the ring. I wasn’t about to leave it in the bathroom for someone else to possibly steal. I urged security to take the ring because the owner would likely go back there to find it, and most importantly it would be safe!

Annnnnnnywayyyyyysss while losing a ring isn’t very lucky I felt fortunate to be able to be able to do the right thing, so whoever you are I really hope you find your beautiful ring.

Toronto Blogger, Halifax Blogger

Lucky and weird experiences aside we probably should talk about this outfit hey? It’s pretty simple, but it was such a great choice on such a hot day. I really lucked out with this top too. Apparently it’s a popular one, and when I purchased it at Dynamite at the Toronto Eaton Centre the sales associate informed me it was the last one they had in store (and it was my size).  This knot front button up top so comfortable, and I loved it paired with my high waisted shorts for Aritzia there was something vintage about this look that checks a lot of boxes for me! I kept everything pretty monochrome, but added a few pink touches with the headband, and the rose gold sunnies knowing i was going to in a sea of pink umbrellas, so yes I matched my outfit to the umbrellas (it happens to the best of us okay). Anyone who is a blogger knows that when it comes to blogging outfits there are very few accidents lol :):)

Hope you enjoyed today’s post 🙂



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  • Reply Samantha Kwiatkowski August 20, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    This is why I will NEVER take my engagement ring off in public. That is so scary. I hope this poor person got it back!

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