Before you head out on the town tonight be sure to catch my recent What to Wear for NYE segments with Ana Almedia for CTV’s A-List! Whether you’re heading to a house party, parade square, or a full on NYE celebration below are some super fun looks to inspire any of your New Year’s events (and rest assured you don’t need to look like a disco ball either).

For each of my models I pulled two looks, a causal look for house parties, going out for dinner or cocktails, or catching the fireworks at Parade Square. I knew I wanted something flexible because sometimes you’re hopping around to different events, and you might want something that’s appropriate for many different scenarios.

And of course we had to pull a fun-on glam look too I mean what’s NYE without dressing up?? For those who love to get all gussied up make sure you catch look #2! Catch the full segments below:


For Alyssa’s first look, we pulled a beautiful beautiful jacket from RW & Co at the Halifax Shopping Centre, and I couldn’t be more obsessed with her in this coat. The second I walked into the store I knew I needed to feature it. Then we decided on a great pair of black trousers that she can wear again and again, and paired it with a silk tank. When you’re thinking about outfit ideas for feeling glam be sure to stay away from jersey fabrics, and go for clothing in a blouse or silk material instead. We chose brown boots (also from RW & Co) instead of basic black to keep thing interesting, but also to showcase that you can totally wear black and brown together.

For Alyssa’s second, look we pulled this super adorbs open back halter dress from Colori (a new store for HSC). The navy blue and black applique make it easy to match shoes and stockings. And to make sure we kept this look super luxe we paired the dress with a faux fur jacket from RW & Co that’s REVERSIBLE! My mind was blown. I have similar jackets like this and a lot of times I don’t wear them because we live in Halifax we are almost always on the verge or rain lol At least with this one you can simply flip it around, and you’re good to go. I love love this jacket, and in the black the fur is a little more muted, so if you’re unsure about the faux fur trend opt for a darker hue for a super seamless look.


For Cyrils first look, we pulled a causal look similar to the concept of Alyssa’s where we wanted something flexible. When it comes to menswear for parties you really can get a way with a lot. Basically get yourself a great pair of wool trousers (or even a dark denim) and pair with either a button up shirt or sweater. Again I wanted to create a look that could do double duty, so we put a sweater over the button up shirt which could easily be removed if say for instance you got too warm.

As mentioned in the segment we chose gray pants, gray is a great color for causal affairs because it’s that perfect half way mark. Black is definitely more formal, so when choosing dress pants gray or navy are the best options for causal outings.

For Cyrils Glam look of course we had to do a suit, and I fully stand by the fact that bow ties are cool, and should be worn WHENEVER possible. Cyril was such a great sport he literally wore everything I pulled for him. And how fun were those socks??

Thanks so much to Halifax Shopping Centre, and CTV ! I had SO much fun pulling these looks 🙂

They say how you ring in the New Year is how you’ll spend it, so make sure to have lots of fun tonight!








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