We live in a world with more information at our disposal than ever before, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But when it comes to living a healthier life I honest to goodness think we need to just keep it simple. Today I’ve put together some easy no fail healthy life hacks, and I do hope you consider at least some of them!


Walk into any pharmacy, and you can find a supplement for every letter of the alphabet. Arguably you could take a vitamin for everything little thing. While vitamins are great and we definitely are fortunate to have them, you can definitely overdo it. Consider instead focusing on the biggest areas of concern, maybe the time of year, and supporting those concerns with supplements. I try not to take more than about 3 supplements at a time, and always make sure to consult professionals to make sure they are okay to take together.




Sleep is essential to recovery. Just like our phones and devices need to power down and recharge, so do we. Studies show that people who aren’t getting enough sleep tend to feel more overwhelmed, and report negatively about their lives. Lack of sleep can also throw off your hormones, can cause weight gain, and just overall create a toxic environment inside our bodies. And remember you can bank your sleep, so if you’re sleeping less than 6 hours a night it takes the same toll on your body as if you pulled an all-nighter which we all know causes some serious issues, not to mention really messes with our memory and cognitive function.

Aim for at least 6-7 hours per night, and consider addressing your sleep routine. Limit caffeine after 2pm (yep it starts that early). Avoid alcohol (it actually prevents you from getting into your deep sleep cycle). And of course, turn off all your devices, dim the lights, do whatever you need to do to signal to your body that you’re winding down. Baths, reading books, connecting with your family or partner are all great activities before bed just nothing that will emit a blue light as studies show that it seriously messes with your natural circadian rhythm.




I always say that divorced parents kinda have the best deal. Now hear me out. I truly think we can be great, but we can’t be great ALL OF THE TIME.

When it comes to my diet I have found the best results with (a) never depriving myself and (b) maintaining a healthy diet at home, so I don’t feel guilty about eating deliciously yummy things while I’m out.

I figure that if I eat well Monday-Friday and make sure to take in lots of fruits and veggies, it doesn’t REALLY matter if I have a burger and fries (and maybe some wine) on the weekend. It’s like an 80/20 rule.  Now I don’t like rules (aside from the thrill of breaking them) but I have noticed that over the years I’ve consistently maintained the same weight, so I like to think I’m doing something right.


When it comes to being healthy, comparison is the root of all evil. The key to successfully being healthy is to focus on your own goals, and your own life. It’s easy to think the grass is greener on the other side, or that someone has it easier than you. OR that you NEED to look a certain way to be healthy, but the truth is what matters is YOU. What’s right for others may not be right for you. Be strong and confident in who you are, and what you want for yourself.



I exercise, but I don’t force myself to stick to anything specific I just work out as much as a I can, and as much as I feel like I need. Sometimes that’s a lot and sometimes it’s less, but because I know there’s an ebb and flow to it I don’t worry about it so much because I know it all evens out in the end.

Exercise is so much more of a mental thing for me than anything else. Because I work alone a lot (a) my fitness classes force me to be social and because I sit a lot for my job (b) I NEED those endorphins. When it comes to exercise I have found that you need to do what works for you and what you’ll stick to. I like fitness classes because they are at fixed times, and it actually helps to give me some consistency in my life which, anyone who’s a freelancer can attest, is not always easy. My fitness and dance classes almost serve as anchors in my schedule, and I really actually look forward to them for it.

Don’t set the bar too high, and don’t plan to work out somewhere that’s a struggle to get to. You need to keep it SUPER easy otherwise you WILL find excuses to get out of it.


There’s is nothing more inspiring that getting out and exploring something new. Turn off your notifications, and find somewhere to go that you’ve never been. I promise you’ll probably get lost along the way, have a few laughs, and ultimately feel much better than when you started. And hey maybe you’ll get a few Instagram pics along the way.


Try as we might to do everything right, we need to call in the troops for some things.

I’ve made the joke a million times that I am an omega-3 pusher. I’m a pusher. I push people (#meangirlreference); jokes aside, our brains do NEED omega-3’s. The thing is, our bodies don’t produce it, so we need to either get it from our diet (who eats that much seafood?) or we need to supplement. What I love about omega-3s is that it’s not only beneficial for overall good health but it also helps in supporting cardiovascular health, brain function, and cognitive development.

I’ve been taking omega-3’s since university (I mean who doesn’t need a brain boost during those years), but there were times when I either just forgot to pick up another bottle or got busy hustlin’ and I definitely noticed a difference in how I felt cognitively. While I can’t really measure my cardiovascular health (although anyone who lives in Halifax walking up Duke street gives you a run for your money) I can for sure tell you I feel more productive while taking omega-3’s.

There are a lot of health habits that have come and gone for me over the years; however, Omegas are the one thing that’s always made me feel better, and ultimately has stuck around in my routine.

About OmegaSea Liquid Omega-3 Products

OmegaSea (tastes great) and is an ultra-pure Omega-3 supplement available in chocolate and lemon flavors, and there’s even a kid’s bubblegum bonanza version!

Just from taking one tiny teaspoon a day, you’ll get a healthy dose of liquid omega-3 and vitamin D which maintain good health, cardiovascular health and brain function. Additionally, OmegaSea kids promotes brain, eyes, and nerve development in children up to 12 years of age.

What’s great about OmegaSea is that it tastes great and it’s affordable, so it’s easy to add an omega-3 and vitamin D supplement into your everyday, healthy living routine.

With a potency of 750 mg of EPA+DHA per teaspoon, every bottle of OmegaSea is third party tested for purity, potency, and label claims through the PureCheck Program. PureCheck guarantees that every bottle of OmegaSea is true to its label claims and is of the highest standards in quality and purity. You can check the purity levels here .

What are the advantages of liquid omega-3?

OmegaSea is available in three flavors and won’t give you fishy burp back (the actual worst). OmegaSea can be easily incorporated into everyday lifestyle through meal prep (smoothies, shakes, salads etc.) and is a simple alternative to pill consumption – especially consumers who take multiple supplements per day.

Children have an easier time-consuming great-tasting liquid omega-3 versus capsules. OmegaSea takes the guesswork out of your daily dose of omega-3 and vitamin D, just one teaspoon and you’re good to go!


You can find OmegaSea products in the pharmacy section at your local Walmart, Rexall, Superstore, Fortino’s and more. To learn more visit the OmegaSea website or click here.


Hope you found today’s post helpful.

What are some of your healthy life hacks?? I’d love to hear them.

Comment below or reach out via social media @shortpresents








*This post was sponsored by OmegaSea; however all opinions expressed are my own.

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