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The weather can be hit or miss this time of year, but there’s also something about Spring that makes us all want to come out of hibernation and start getting active again. Maybe it’s the small bursts of sunshine (which has been few and far between in Halifax the past week or so) but I’m feeling super motivated to get back at it, and thought maybe you might be too. To get us all motivated, together with my friends at Sport Chek I’m sharing some tips to help us stay motivated to stay active.

*DISCLAIMER: While I’m no expert I have found the below to be very helpful for me throughout my fitness and wellness journey!

Kayla Short, Short Presents


When it comes to getting motivated for the gym a lot of folks immediately think about the physical benefits, but if I’m being honest it’s the mental benefits for me that make all the difference.

I spend so much time sitting in front of screens, and a lot of times (okay most times) I’m by myself. Blogging is a lot more sedentary than people realize because all you see is the perfectly edited photos, videos, and blog posts, but I think it’s easy to forget that someone actually has to sit down and create it all. There’s no magic fairy wand that creates everything for me I actually have to sit down and do it all myself.

I love exercise because it’s the one part of my day that’s just for me, and the one time I truly can be present. I love dance, group fitness classes, and yoga: all of which require just as much physically as they do mentally. If I’m not paying attention, or my mind drifts elsewhere I’ll mess it up, so being fully present is a must.

Exercise is the one time I put my phone down and leave it there, and the mental benefits of that are seriously paramount to maintaining my mental health in this industry.

Kayla Short, Short Presents


Okay for real how many of you get super jazzed for a workout when you know you have a cute outfit to wear?? I’m never more motivated to get my butt to the gym than when  I have something cute to wear!! I’m serious, and there are so many fun workout clothes these days. With the athleisure trend still fresh and hot we’ve never had more style options for the gym.

When you look good you feel good, so whatever gets your butt out the door DO IT. Showing up is half the battle.

If you’re into style and a new pair of leggings with fun detailing on them (like the ones I’m wearing here which are super soft btw) gets you motivated than DO IT!

Special shout out to my friends at Sport Chek for this super cute (and super necessary) gear, so there’s no excuses for me to get my workouts in. I’ve been wearing all of these items over the past few weeks and guys I’m in love. From this super cozy sweater, to the soft seamless sports bra (my personal fave material for sports bras) to this SUPER cute rain yellow jacket, and pink hunter boots (which are so comfortable ps).

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH!! It’s SO me!! It couldn’t suit my personality more if it tried.

This outfit makes the rainy days (and workouts) so much more exciting knowing I have this fun colorful outfit to wear.

I seriously couldn’t be happier with all of the items they are just so well made, and so comfortable. I know I’ll be wearing them again and again. Thanks so much to my partners at Sport Chek. If you’re interested in grabbing any of the pieces be sure to click the links below.


Hally Hansen Jacket. Lorna Jane Sweater. Hunter BootsNike leggings. Under Armour Seamless Sports Bra.

Kayla Short, Short Presents


I’m so lucky because my boyfriend also really enjoys working out, so a lot of times we go to the gym together. While we’re doing different workouts, I mean I’m not looking to leg press 600 pounds (which is good because my past injuries wouldn’t allow it) it is nice to know that we’re both working towards our own fitness goals, and working to ensure we’re taking care of our mind and bodies.

My friends are super accomplished I’m seriously amazed by them every single day, but if we didn’t workout together I don’t know that we would see each other half as much. Because I’m a dancer so many of my friends also are super active, and it’s such a great way to stay in touch and keep up with everyone.  I mean we gotta workout we might as well do it together right??

Exercise is equal parts social as it is physical, and having friends to keep you motivated and accountable really can help you make fitness part of your regular routine so you don’t even think twice about it!

Helly Hansen Women's Moss Helox Rain Jacket


No I’m not trying to push yoga onto to you (although you should try it lol yoga is GREAT), but rather be flexible in your planning.

Life happens, and sometimes I get to the gym a lot and some times I don’t get there at all, but I always try to stay active in some capacity.

People always ask me, whats your workout routine, can you share your fitness routine, but guys I don’t have one. I kinda do a little bit of everything: I dance from September to March, and then I also do fitness classes here and there. I’m a goodlife member, so I do a lot of their classes, I love BodyJam, Combat, BodyFlow, Yoga, Hot Yoga, I do cardio sometimes you name it lol I probably do it in some capacity. Recently I’ve been trying to increase my muscle mass (mostly to help protect my bones as I get older) so I’ve started to do classes like BodyPump which I’m surprisingly really loving (when I can get there).

On paper it looks like I workout everyday, and some weeks I do, but some weeks like when I’m traveling I don’t workout as much, BUT I do make sure to stay moving (it’s actually imperative to my mobility because of my previous injuries) whenever I’m traveling I try to walk as much as possible, and even while waiting at the airport I’ll walk around a bit or make sure to stand before boarding a flight. I’m also the weirdo that will stretch while waiting for the loo it’s all about balance right, so I guess all that to say BE FLEXIBLE.

I don’t care how you exercise as long as your moving, and breaking a sweat: something is better than nothing!!

Kayla Short, Short Presents


Not all of your workouts are going to be stellar, and you’re also not going to be GREAT at something the first time you try it, but as long as you’re moving that’s all that matters.

Exercise is a journey and you can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Meet your body where it’s at THAT DAY and try to show up for it as much as possible, but also be kind to it when it needs it too.

Adopting a done is better than perfect approach allows you to get out of your own way. Sometimes we think ugh I don’t feel up to it today my workout is going to be shit, so we’ve doomed it before it’s even started. You honestly don’t know until you get there, sometimes our endorphins show up for us, and we do much better than we thought we did, and had we not gone at all we would have missed out on that killer workout.

Stop making assumptions, and just do your best. If its terrible, so what?? Something is still better than nothing, and tomorrow is another day!!

Kayla Short, Short Presents


We all know we should set goals, sure we do it in our careers, but we should with our workouts too because one of the things about goals is that we are always chasing new ones!

When you don’t create markers of success you never really recognize when you’ve met your goals, and if you don’t recognize your success you’ll never feel as though you accomplished anything.

One of the things I find helpful is making one big goal, and then breaking that down into more smaller more achievable goals. When you create your goals it’s much easier to identify ways to help you get there!

KAyla Short, Short Presents


It’s really easy to fall down the vanity rabbit hole, and get all bent out of shape (no pun intended, okay maybe intended) about how we feel about the way we look or how we stack up in comparison to others.

If you take anything from today’s post please let it be this. Try as much as you can you set the negative self talk aside. Your appearance should be a side benefit in your fitness journey; instead try to focus on your body for what it does, and what it’s capable of doing, rather than how it looks.

Recently I’ve been trying to focus on motivating myself through love. I’ve been trying to be kinder to myself, and act from a place of love. so some of the internal dialogue I’ve been having kind of goes like this.

  • I love my body so I want it to be strong.
  • I love my body so I want to fuel it and nourish it with good foods.
  • I love my body so I want to sweat out harmful toxins.
  • I love my body so I don’t deprive it from the things it craves.
  • I love my body and I see clothing as a means of expressing my personality rather than a means to hide or cover up my body.

It’s amazing how a positive mindset can re-frame everything, and really motivate you in a completely different way.

I just feel like nothing but good things can come from acting from a place of love and forgiveness, especially when it comes from our bodies.

Kayla Short, Short Presents

Hope you found today’s post helpful and you feel motivated to get out there and PUSH IT!

Special thanks again to our sponsor Sport Chek, if you’re in need of some gear be sure to pop over to their website, or visit them in store.










This post was sponsored by Sport Chek; however all opinions and advice are my own. Please know I’m not an expert, but I have found the above to be helpful to me. Please consult a professional before starting any fitness regime.

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