If you’ve not tried avocado toast you’re probably living under a pretty significant rock. Famous amoung bloggers, and Instgramers alike and rich is good healthy (anti- aging) fats, avocado toast is definitely still having a moment and rightfully so. Whether you eat it straight up with a splash of lime or you get a little fancy, avocado toast is a great healthy snack or breakfast option, especially when served on a whole wheat bread.

What’s avocado toast without the toast? Clearly, it’s only as good as the bread it’s served on. For this post, I chose Atlantic Canada’s favourite bread, Ben’s Bakery! Currently Ben’s is celebrating more than one century of baking with its 110th anniversary! Isn’t that amazing?

As a proud East Coaster I definitely grew up eating Ben’s Bread, but I’ll be honest I didn’t know it was a local company until I moved to Halifax for university. My old apartment was located directly across from a Ben’s Bakery so every morning on my treck to school the air was filled with the most delicious smell of freshly baked bread. It was actually pretty amazing.

I take comfort in knowing that the bread is made right here in the Atlantic, and it’s not being shipped half around the world to get to me. (a) is makes for a better tasting bread and (b) it creates less of a carbon footprint (c) we’re supporting the local economy.

To celebrate their 110th anniversary two of the bakery’s traditional favourites – Ben’s Holsum Fresh White and Wheat bread 500 g – have received a size makeover to mark this milestone celebration.

Ben’s Bakery will offer the same Holsum Fresh White and Wheat bread in 630 g packages (four extra slices) for the same price, making it the ideal size for families. While the slices will be wider and shorter, the thickness will remain the same.

The special anniversary loaves are available for a limited time where Ben’s bread is sold across Atlantic Canada be sure to look for the special packaging as seen above.

Whether it’s savory, sweet, spicy or rich and creamy here are 5 different avocado toast options to try!


Have you ever tried this winning combo? I used a chili lime balsamic reduction (I bought premade trust me I’m not that fancy) and I would HIGHLY recommend it! The combination if the soft creamy cheese with the slightly sweet and spicy balsamic is to die for. While the other toasts are delicious this one if definitely my favorite, and a go-to time and time again.


Sometimes simplicity is best. I know onions aren’t everyone’s favorite, but if you do like them the zip of the onion combined with the juicy tomato really is a winning combo. You could also add capers or olives, or even feta to this mix. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.


If you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to fuss just go for the hot sauce! Come you put it on everything already anyway? Why no go try it on your avocado toast.


I’m obsessed with peppered goat cheese probably as much as I am with avocado toast, so putting them together is like next level amazing. Definitely worth a try.


Have you tried candied maple smoked salmon? If you haven’t it’s delightful, especially on toast. If you’re looking for something sweet but also something with some great omega 3s and protein this is a great treat!

If you’re looking to feed yourself, your family, or a crowd look no further than avocado toast! It could be fun to get the kids (or your guests) to make their own (obviously holding the hot sauce their little taste buds would be working overtime on that one lol), but you could choose some of their favorite toppings like raisins or cheeses. It’s always great when you can get the kids involved in the process 🙂


Hope you enjoyed today’s recipe post! And Happy 110th Anniversary Ben’s Bakery and here’s to 110 more.






*This post was sponsored by Ben’s Bakery, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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