It’s tricky to eat healthy when you’re a busy bee like me, but always having some go-to items on hand really makes all the difference. Recently I popped into the CTV studio to share some tips on how to prepare some no fuss meal ideas for when you’re short on time, catch the clip below.

Having some basics on hand like quinoa, veggies (could be frozen), and of course my secret flavour punching ingredient Miscela makes weeknight meals SO easy. Just toss in your protein of choice. I always have either chicken or fish on hand so I know I at least have a great option for protein.


Quinoa is always on the Costco list, high in fibre and protein it’s definitely a great carb option. I cook quinoa in the rice cooker with a couple scoops of Miscela (I love the corn blend for rice and quinoa) and it lets me know when it’s ready and stays warm until everything else is ready. The rice cooker is pretty much the best invention to date I used it at least 3 times a week.

Top the fish (or protein of choice) with black bean Miscela bake on parchment paper on 350 for about 15-20 mins (depending on whether it’s fresh or frozen). Then add some sauteed veggies or some fresh veggies for added fibre and viola that’s it! It sounds like it could be boring, but because we’re skipping a bunch of steps by using the premade Miscela mix -it packs a punch.

Dinner doesn’t need to be anything fussy, but it does need to be delicious! I tend to get bored of having the same thing over and over, so having something like Miscela where there are 5 different blends it’s so easy to switch it up.


This dip couldn’t be easier, but it also couldn’t be tastier. It’s one of my FAVORITE things to haul to a party or serve when I’m hosting. With just three ingredients: sour cream, greek yogurt, and Miscela (I love the sun-dried tomato, but you could use any of the blends) it’s ridiculously easy!

I use equal parts sour cream, and greek yogurt and two to three tablespoons of Miscela Sun Dried Tomato blend. You can adjust to your taste (honestly you can’t screw this up).

I love the addition of greek yogurt in this dip because it’s a great source of probiotics and protein. Between the protein, and the fat and the fibre with the veggies it really makes the snack (or in some cases a meal replacement for me) super well rounded and with all of these components it will also keep you satiated longer. I’m literally eating this dip right now as I type this I love it so much.


This recipe couldn’t be easier, and honestly, that’s the point. If you don’t have a spiralizer you should consider getting one. (A) It’s a great way to feel like you’re eating pasta without eating all the carbs and spiking your blood sugar levels, and (b) they look beautiful.

You can eat the zoodles raw, or you can cook them (they cook in as little as 3 minutes). I love tossing the zoodles with shrimp, a little bit of garlic butter, and the sweet pepper Miscela and pinch of chili flakes. SO easy, but definitely a great way to get your veggies in without feeling like you’re missing out on pasta.

Whether we realize it or not we absolutely eat with our eyes, and between the vibrant colors from the Miscela to the zoodles this dish is as bright, as it is good for you. See the full recipe here > Sweet Pepper Shrimp With Zoodles.

What is Miscela?

It all began in 1984 when Salvatore Geraci and his wife Mary decided to share his mother’s old Sicilian secret family recipe – a recipe for Garlic Spread that had been handed down for generations. Turning their family’s recipe into Derlea Brand Foods, and now Miscela. Offering 5 different unique blends Miscela is great to add natural flavor to nearly any dish.

Miscela is a concentrated mixture of veggies, natural seasonings with a splash of oil which makes it a great base for dips, toppings, sauces, chicken, fish, pasta or rice. Anything really!

The 5 flavors are: Black Bean, Sweet Pepper, Corn, Olive, and Sundried Tomato (my fave), and I love that the Miscela* products are natural, and contain ingredients I can pronounce, but they definitely add a punch of flavor.


Thanks so much to CTV for having me! It was my first time doing a food segment, and it was SO much fun. Hope you enjoyed today’s recipe post.








*This post was sponsored by Miscela, however, all opinions are my own.

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