Slip dresses were arguably one of the HUGEST trends this summer, and layering them even more so. I was certainly no stranger to this trend, as I wore this look many times (see previous outfit post here).  But with their thin delicate nature, you might think of it’s too cold for them during the cold winter months, but you, my friend would be wrong!


There are so many ways you can wear them in winter, and a great way to get some more wear out of your favorite slip dress during the cold winter months is to simply layer if over a turtleneck! I know right? So easy! If you find it especially cold where you live you could consider fleece lined tights or a thicker turtleneck. Fleece lined tights! Yes, they exist, and yes they are amazing, and if you don’t have some I would HIGHLY suggest because they are a game changer for dresses for Winter.



Dress, Garage (similar)

Turtleneck, Sirens (in store)

Shoes, c/o Old Navy (in store)

Bag, Poppy + Peonies

Pom pom, c/o Envy Clothing

Jacket, c/o Old Navy (similar)

Watch. c/o Caravelle

Sunglasses, Givenchy c/o Smart Buy Glasses



Clearly, I did not opt for the fleece tights here because I wanted the dress to stand out in these photos so you could see the layering (I really took one for the team here people).  I also kind have been digging the 90s vibe lately (even though we’re going 80s for 2017) so I liked the idea of the sheer pantyhose. I felt very Rachel from friends in this look, I’m not going to lie: I loved it.


You could equally opt for a pair of skinny jeans here and go for a nice little-undone tuck in the front. Kind of like you see here. As long as you layer thicker things underneath the sky is the limit. You could also do a t-shirt and go for a cardigan over top too for an extra layer and a fun way to play with lengths.

How do you wear your slip dresses in Winter? I’d love to see! Reach out to me on social media @shortpresnts

Happy Friday Loves !!



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