I’m not going to pretend that buying for teens isn’t tough because geese Louise they are like ticking time bombs 95% off the time. Mind you, it’s definitely a time of change (and teens have a lot going on), so it can be tough to know what to buy them since their opinions can change like the wind. If you feel stuck for what to buy the teen in your life consider the following:


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Cash sounds terribly unthoughtful, but think about it if they aren’t old enough to work yet they don’t have their own money, and money is the key to their indepedance.

While teens can be SUPER tough to buy for you really can make your life a lot easier by considering gifting them money or gift cards. For the gift cards consider where they like to shop or their favorite spots. I love the idea of gifting a Chapter’s gift card. If you read my previous Gift Guide post you know I’m a book pusher. I push people.



Along with your gift cards or cash you could always toss in some extra little things like nail polish or makeup brushes like these Quo products featured below. What I love about Quo, is that (a) their packaging is always on point and (b) their holiday gift sets won’t break the bank.

I’m obsessed with their nail polish and I love these little Cosmetic Christmas Crackers! I think they are so perfect to toss into a gift, or if you were having a girls night you could dress your table with them. Again they aren’t overly expensive but Quo make great additions to any gift.

What to buy for teens


For a less “girlie” option again don’t underestimate everyone’s good friend cash! lol But if you want to toss something a little extra in with it, you could consider the Blue Tooth Shower Speaker from Chapters. It’s only $14 bucks, so I mean it’s a pretty inexpensive gadget, and who doesn’t love singing in the shower?



Burts Bees, Gift Ideas for teens

The teen years are notorious for bad skin, so instilling a good routine early is always key.

Gender neutral this kit is great for boys or girls. I mean, it can be a struggle to get boys to take care or their skin, but having this super convenient wipes around could ensure they might actually use them.

The gift set above includes cleansing cloths, a cream cleanser, and a scrub, and a coconut and pear lip balm. It’s such a great starter kit you really don’t need much more than this set! Perhaps remind your teen that they could always pop these products in the shower, as the scrub could be great if the teen is active or plays any sports (which can cause breakouts on their back and chest). And no one needs to know they are taking care of their skin. Shh we won’t tell if you won’t.

Teens seem to love chapstick (probably because they are always kissing each other) and while you try to get that image out of your head lol I’m sure they would love any of these lippies from Burt’s Bees over the cold winter months.


I love gifting anything that inspires Independence and exploration (which I think are the best gifts of all).

Another great option is to gift some really fun luggage. There’s something to be said about having your first piece of luggage and being ready to go at a moments notice! And how fun is this Canadiana print hard shell luggage from Atlantic Luggage? Cool print aside it’ll be super easy to spot (if you check it) and who doesn’t love to brag they are Canadian when they travel? Read more about this piece here.

jewelry wallet, gifts for teens, or travellers

Along the same line is this jewelry wallet! There’s nothing worse than having all your accessories tangled together when you’re trying to quickly get out the door. When you travel you want all the extra time to explore the city you’re in, and you don’t want to spend it sorting your jewelry. I often don’t end up even wearing a lot of pieces because I can’t be bothered to spend the time to untangle them.

These wallets from CrisiL come in two different colors (pink and blue), and are so sleek they won’t take up much space in your suitcase or carry-on, and it’s clever little pockets and snappy straps will keep everything in its place. For more details on those dainty jewels be sure to check out our previous post on Canadian company Suetables by clicking here.

Hope you found this post helpful! Happy Shopping!

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