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When four bloggers pile into a car and head on a road trip adventure together: amazing things happen. If you follow any of these lovely ladies above you know that we were just in Moncton for an extraordinarily inspiring weekend with the incredible Shoppers Drug Mart team.

Travel blogger, East Coast Bloggers, Short Presents, Kayla Short. mmm is for mommy, confessions of a fitness instructor, writing whimsy

Breakfast in bed, Travel blogger, East Coast Blogger
*All photos taken with the Nikon 1 J5 (read full review here).

From getting to know these lovely ladies better (find links to their blogs below) during the drive to Moncton, to being whisked away to Shoppers Drug Mart by a driver named Heinz for a beauty gala, and makeup application, delicious dinner and even better conversation at Gusto, to a truly inspiring event with Heart and Stroke Foundation complete with a fashion show, dancing, live music, and even performances by Alan Doyle and the Gypsies, as well as a breakfast in bed, followed by a #runforwomen with Shoppers Drug Mart it was a jam packed weekend full of laughs, learning, and most of all fun.

Huge shout out to Shoppers Drug Mart for organizing such a fun and educational weekend every detail was accounted for, and it did not go unnoticed. Heart health education is so important, and I’m so happy to be a part of sharing this message with each of you today. Us woman are selfless by nature, and we often put ourselves last, but if there’s anything you take away from this post it’s that you need to take care of yourself.

You are no good to anyone else (your family, husband, wife, boyfriend, girl friend, friends, puppy, or kitty) if you choose otherwise. It will catch up to you I promise, and ultimately take a toll on your health and wellness both physically and mentally. 

As you know blog reader I do try to be pretty healthy: I work out, I eat well (see my healthy recipe adaptations), I try to get a good nights sleep, and limit stress (probably the most difficult), limit the toxins I put in and on my body, but with my family history of cancer (both parents, and grand parent), and having been in a pretty intense car accident in high school I do worry about the repercussions of having a pretty severe head injury. We only get one body, and we need to make sure we are good to it so it lasts a very long time.
While you can’t control your family history, and you can’t control genetics, or getting hit by a car in high school, there are some things you can control. 
  • Quiting smoking
  • Staying active
  • Eating a healthy diet (low in saturated fat)
  • Limiting Alcohol 
  • Knowing your numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure, waist circumference) 
  • Reducing Stress 
Stress is good (we actually need it for survival) it helps us respond to threatening situations, but too much of it can really do a number on your health. I can be the worst one to power through things, and just focus on moving forward, but sometimes I need to force myself to slow down, and process what’s going on around me. And I would imagine I’m not alone here.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to stay heart healthy please click here.


signs include: 
  • Changes in the face like drooping of one side of the
    face or the other
  • Weakness of the arm like inability to lift the arm
  • Changes in speech like slurred speech or inability to speak

these changes happen, call 911 immediately.
Every second counts when it comes to a stoke, so learning the signs can literally save lives. 

Having attended the NB Heart Truth Gala I was super motivated to participate in the 5k #runforwomen the next day. I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous about the 5k I’d never been in a race before, so I was completely out of my element. I mean I do work out about 3 times a week, but I mean nothing like training for running a race, and usually it’s dance which is a very different skill set.
I was also battling a pretty persistent chest infection that came with a cough (still have it) that would just catch me by surprise and could literally knock me over it was so intense. However, after hearing the truly inspiring stories of the women at the event, and their struggles with anxiety, abuse, and self esteem, and I was immediately brought to tears. These women were so brave, and I remember thinking to myself if these girls can make it through that I can make it through this! No excuses. 
We have an amazing ability to overcome obstacles, heart breaks, hardships and anything life throws at us! We are strong, and our minds and bodies have a tremendous ability to heal (if we let it). With everything life throws at us this weekend was a the perfect reset and reminder I needed. Being surrounded by all those amazingly courageous and supportive women it really put things into perspective.

Thanks so much Shoppers Drug Mart, Delta Beausejour (one of the best hotel stays I’ve had what an amazing staff and that eggs benny with real smoked salmon really was the best I’ve ever had) Gusto (get the Chicken Marsala and monster sized cheesecake it’s TDF), and our lovely driver Heinz who fully cooperated with me when I wanted to feature him on my snapchat! I honestly had so much fun, and I truly enjoyed getting to know these lovely ladies better, and if you’re not familiar you should be! Find links to their beautiful blogs below:

Happy Thursday! And since I didn’t bring my camera with me to the race see more images from the race on our social media @shortpresents
And I can’t leave you without mentioning Alberta. If you have friends and family who are out west  (we all do) I hope they are safe and sound now! It’s been a very stressful time for everyone here on the East and West Coast as we get everyone to safety. We all know someone who’s been affected by the forest fires in Fort McMurray, and whether it’s your home, your pets, your job, or the community where you live: the devastation is immeasurable.  I just want you to know you and your families are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay Strong Alberta. 

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