In terms of beauty trends, dewy glowing skin is definitely in, but it’s kind of tricky to have the best of both worlds right? When you’re adding a lot of water or moisture how do you get coverage at the same time? Make Up For Ever just recently launched their newest foundation Water Blend that promises to do just that, so let’s see how it holds up.


Water Blend Foundation is a collection of 20 long-lasting, waterproof, transfer-proof water based foundations. The unique water-gel texture offers a smooth and light finish for flawless, buildable, waterproof long-wear durability. The full collection will be available exclusively at Sephora !

Comprised of 80% pro-vitamin B5 infused water (make sure you give it a good shake) the WATER BLEND foundation is said to maintain the skin’s natural hydration and while blending out for a smooth light coverage with a natural glow. Coated micro-fine pigments even skin tone and deliver long-lasting, waterproof, transfer-proof finish in one stroke. The result? Skin looks smooth, healthy and flawless, with no touch-ups required.


If you follow me on snapchat you know that I tested this product out on my hand (literally the second it came to my door), and I have to say it blended in really well, definitely offered coverage, and was waterproof. I applied the product to my hand, rinsed it under water, and there was not only zero runoff, but it also didn’t transfer to my white towel when I dried it either.

Having been wearing the Water Blend Foundation for the last week or so I have to say I really do like it, and it definitely lives up to its promises. The product is very buildable (great for trouble spots or problem areas), and it also offers a great glow. I even went powder free one day just to see how it would hold up on its own, and I really liked the finish. It also lasted the full day, and well since it was my birthday I was literally non-stop for a good solid 10 hours.

Because I am acne prone a lot of the products I use for cleansing can be super drying, so I love the idea that this foundation is so hydrating.

Because I am acne prone a lot of the products I use can be super drying, so I love the idea that this foundation is so hydrating. I feel like if I’m going to wear a foundation (which of course duh I am) it might as well hydrate my skin at the same time right?

It is suggested to apply the product with a beauty blender, but personally, they aren’t my favorite I simply used a brush, and I actually love the application, so I don’t know that it’s necessary. I mean you could try it first, and see how you like it, but I always end up going back to my foundation brush anyways.

I think for the price it’s definitely worth it, and while we are on the topic of money I should mention that this post is 100% my opinion and in no way sponsored (not like that would ever affect what I tell you guys) I just really like this product. I mean y’all know I love my Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation (see post here) lol but I love the option of also having something light weight that still offers great coverage for every day. The Ultra HD foundation is ah-mazing for photoshoots, and going out to events etc, but for day to day things (work, school etc) I think I found my new favorite. Slap on something with an SPF first, and you’re good to go my friends.

The only thing I will mention is that it’s definitely darker in the bottle than on your skin, so just be sure you get the right shade. As well I did find it slightly lighter, and pinker than the Ultra HD Foundation, so you also might need to go up a shade than your usual. Maybe I’m just super tanned from summer who knows, but I’m hoping that it’s something that kind of works itself out with the next round the same way it did with the HD Foundations. I mean the color is still totally okay, and I can absolutely get away with wearing it, but it could be a teensy bit more warm in my opinion.

But a lightweight glow and coverage? It’s a beautiful thing.

OH, and before you go I should mention that if you’re in the need for some new eye liners you should also look into the Aqua XL Liners.  The Aqua XL eye pencil collection in collaboration with Charli XCX features 20 bold, show-stopping, ultra-long lasting eye pencils in five different finishes: Matte, Diamond, Satin, Iridescent and Metallic. I’ve been using the white one on my inner eyelids to make my eyes look bigger and wider, and it’s got some staying power let me tell you. I also love the bronzey one too! Anf of course, you can’t go wrong with black, and/or charcoal. I love how these liners feel when you put them on. They glide on so seamlessly, and they never rub off of transfer where you don’t want them. Two thumbs up in my opinion.

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s products are sold exclusively at Sephora stores across Canada and online at Learn more:

I hope you found this review help  blog reader, and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below or reach out to me via social media @shortpresents






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