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Remember the #lovemarshalls campaign I participated in with Fashion Canadians a while back (read previous post here)? Well this long tank was another piece I also purchased (only $16 I might add) from Marshalls. Arguably a little daunting for some this tank is actually a lot easier to wear than you think! 

FEATURED ITEMS: Tank, Marshalls |  Culottes, Aritzia (similar and on sale) | Bag, Aux c/o Aritzia (similar) | Pom, Envy Clothing Co | Necklace, Joe Fresh | Watch, c/o Bulova | Shoes, c/o Nine West Show Studio |

Because it’s long and pastel (yikes) many people have mentioned (while I was wearing it) that they love it, but could never wear it. Here’s the thing I really think you can wear anything if you (a) believe you can and (b) style it appropriately for your body. 
While I’m slightly lucky in the height department (in the upper percentile) I can get away with layering something under neath (and wearing it with flats). Yes all scary things. 
If you’re slightly more petite I would suggest a shorter pant (maybe even tighter so it doesn’t swallow you up), and a either a heel or nude sandal/shoe. You’re going to want something to elongate the leg, and feel the eye flowing down. 
What I loved about this tank is that it was layered underneath already, and so it definitely helped with the undergarment department. I just wore a regular nude bra (thank you jesus), and called it a day. If you’re slightly busty (lucky you) you could opt for a thin tank underneath or a sports bra. I know a lot of folks hate the uni-boob, but I honestly think it looks better to smooth it out than to have that dip that gets created because it can look a little disheveled. If you think your books are too uni (lol) simply wear a regular bra underneath, and it should give you a bit more shape. I like the thin (hardly any support type of sports bra) for this because you don’t feel too bulky, and you’re not messing with the stomach area at all. 

If you want to create curves simply wear a pleated trouser underneath, and add a belt to cinch that sucker in! And remember the lighter the color the more presence, so opt for anything pastel or white! A white denim under this tank would be perfection.
If you are curvy already (I feel you) opt for a darker color underneath, and maybe slightly more fitted at this will help keep everything in check and you won’t be adding any necessary volume. This version is great if you’re curvy because of the slits on the sides (and open panels in the back) won’t tug or pull around your hips allowing you to fit you top much better! Hallelujah
Happy Friday lovelies!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. 


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  • Reply Shelley DAnjou June 5, 2016 at 8:08 pm

    Thanks Kayla for thinking of us "curvy" ladies!Do you know where can I find a similar long tank? I find Marshall's doesn't cater to us curvy ladies? Thanks

    • Reply Short Presents June 5, 2016 at 9:58 pm

      Hey Shelley,

      It can be super minimal for sure! I would still urge you to check but if you don't find one you can try Penningtons or ASOS curve (online only). Wishing you the best of luck this color would look amazing on you with your skin tone xoxoxoxo

    • Reply Shelley DAnjou June 6, 2016 at 12:15 am

      Thanks Kayla I will check it out! I never would have thought of a long tank until reading your blog, so thanks!! You're the best!!

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