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I’m a huge fan of sunless tanners during the summer months I basically plan my life around my tanning routine, but with so many options out there it can be tricky to know when to use what. From powders, to mouse, to dry oil, and even serums I’ve tested them all, and I’m here to give you the scoop. Sit back and relax because self tanning 101 is about to begin.

While I prefer sunless tanning products to tanning beds or tanning outside (ummm YIKESVILLE) there are a lot of products out there with a lot of crap in them as well. Which is one of the things I love about Vita Liberata products because they are organic. I mean if I’m going to be dosing myself in this stuff all summer I want to make sure it’s not toxic. 

All Vita Liberata products contain NO
X Parabens
X Sulfates 
X Phthalates
X perfume 
X Alcohol 
I should mention this post was in no way sponsored I just really like
the Vita Liberata brand, and its ability to provide a natural glow without the need for harsh

What it is?

A loose mineral bronzing powder that creates a tan lasting up to five days. 

What does it do?

“This revolutionary self-tanner offers pure mineral coverage, instant
bronzing, and a subtle lasting tan. The natural bronzed effect suits
all skintones and can be used to contour or provide allover glow. The
tan deepens over a four- to eight-hour period, can be gradually built
with regular use, and lasts up to five days. Apply using the included
kabuki brush for perfectly blended, healthy-looking skin”.

What I love about this product…
It’s dry, and formulated for the face. It did not break me out (which is always a plus). Again I love the lack of chemicals, and how easy it is to apply. I LOVE that it’s matte, and the brush is firm, so you get a really nice finish. The instructions tell you to apply a moisturizer and apply this on top, but I found the coverage a little  blotchy for me when I did this. I much prefer using it over my makeup or on bare skin, or over the Body Blur.

I rarely go bare faced so I feel like it might not be the best product for me right now, but when I’m heading to the beach or camping or something this would totally be my go-to and probably would be perfect over the body blur (more info below). It did leave a slight residue, but I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t exfoliate very well or because my skin is also pretty dry right now. I do LOVE this product as bronzer over my makeup though, and I like the added bonus of knowing it’s adding a little glow at the same time.

What it is?
A quick (easy application), fast-acting tan mousse
that develops over one to three or more hours, allowing you to choose
your desired shade.

What does it to do?
“Rapid development
technology speeds up the tanning process for a light sunkissed glow
after one hour, a medium bronze result after two hours, and a deep tan
after three or more hours. Certified organic botanicals and moisture
locking technology nourish the skin and give 72-hour hydration while
Odour Remove™ technology ensures no smell whatsoever. The included tan
mitt ensures a fast and easy, streak-free application and
natural-looking result that fades flawlessly after four to seven days”.

What I love about this product… 
It doesn’t smell (hallelujah) so you don’t stink up your bathroom or yourself for that matter. I take solace in knowing it’s natural. It is a little sticky, but because you only need to wait 1-3 hours it’s really a non-issue for me. I mean I just wear some dark joggers, and a loose tee until it’s time to shower. I love how quick it works I only wish the color was slightly more saturated (only because I’m lazy), but if you want a sun-kissed look this one is SUPER great. It’s very natural looking, so if you’re a newb to tanning or you just want a sublte glow BUY THIS! 

If you’re looking for a deeper darker tan do try the Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan that takes about 6-24 hours to set. It will definitely last longer, and will give you a darker more saturated tan. I usually just do this one before bed, and go to sleep in darker pjs or leggings, and simply wash it off in the morning.

What it is?
An SPF 50 gradual sunless tanner with an instant luminous skin finish.

What does it do?
“This Self Tan Dry Oil
delivers an instant bronze skin finish and a radiant, even
skintone. It builds your most natural-looking sunless tan with organic
DHA, while delivering antiage benefits with precious marula, monoi, and
neroli oils. It guards against the aging and burning effects of the sun
with high factor broad-spectrum SPF 50”.

What I love about this product…
It contains SPF! I mean double duty right? If you’re going to be hanging out by the pool in your bikini you should be wearing sunscreen anyway, and you can look bronzed AT THE SAME TIME! I love that this product can be worn in regular life, as well as rinsed off! 

The one caveat is the smell I could see it being a bother to some, but rest assured it does go away, and I think it would make the perfect product for your legs for summer. I mean I do an all over tan quite often throughout the summer, but there’s something about my legs that I just always want them to be darker! I would highly recommend combining the body blur with this product for the PERFECT instant glow/ skin correction. 

I mean something you need to think about as well too is that not everything is going to smell like sunshine and daisies. You need to ask yourself do I want a product that’s more natural but doesn’t smell like you can eat it? Or do you want something that smells amazing, but could be toxic? It’s really for you to decide, and also something we should probably think about a little more often.

What it is?
A formula for face and body that blurs imperfections and reflects light for HD ready skin.

What does it do?
“BB properties minimize
blemishes, cover imperfections, and smooth skin appearance while
reflecting light for a photo-ready skin finish. The natural-looking tint
lifts your skintone, adding radiance and a healthy-looking glow that
can be showered off when you choose. Great for use on the face and body,
alone or under foundation as the ultimate makeup prep, it delivers a
natural-looking, beautiful tan result”.

What I love about this product...
This product is great under your makeup if your face tends to be A LOT lighter than the rest of your body (holla this is my life). It instantly gives you a glow, and doesn’t disrupt your regular makeup routine. 

This product would also be great for photo shoots, or special events when you want a little extra somethin’ somethin’ for your legs. Just be mindful the color probably will transfer to your lighter clothes if applying to your body (and/or if you’re sweating). 

What is it?
A self tanning anti-aging serum for the face that gives natural-looking facial tan. 
You can add a little to your moisturizer for a subtle glow or directly to your skin for a darker look.

What does it do?
“Self Tanning Anti Age
Serum contains antiaging actives that firm and plump the look of skin
while tanning it. It delivers a made-to-measure, natural-looking tan,
reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and conditions skin.”

What I loved about this product:
Arguably the easiest and low-commitment tanning products I’ve ever tried to date for my face. It’s clear, odorless and effortlessly absorbs into your skin. AND the product is actually super soft on your skin, so I really do love the feel. I just started using this product a few days ago, so I’m looking forward to seeing the results over a longer period of time, but I definitely saw a little extra glow after using it only a couple of times.

okay so now that you know some of the different products available here are some


1. Moisturize. Ain’t nobody wanna look like an alligator after they spend all the time perfectly applying their tan. Be sure to keep areas like your elbows and knees SUPER hydrated a few days before your application because this is where the color can really settle, and not in a good way i.e making your tan look super fake (no one wants that).

2. Exfoliate! If you want to keep your tan longer you want to make sure you slough off the dead skin before you apply, so you get freshest skin possible so that it will hold the tan even longer.

3. Shave. Shaving exfoliates your skin, so if you don’t shave before you tan you’ll likely shave your tan right off (major boo) the next time you shave. 

4. Wear the Gloves. Much like your elbows and knees our hands tend to be very dry, and getting the product into all those nooks and crannies can take time, and you don’t want a lot of this product on your hands for a long period of time. Just wear the gloves!

5. Plan Ahead. If you’re not a pro at self tanning do give yourself some time because this is not something you want to rush. It’s very easy to make a mistake (and you want to make sure you’re committed.  If you don’t listen to me and mishaps happen simply use a little baby oil, lemon juice, or any cream with essential oils to help mute any mistakes.

6. Use the Mirror. Like I mentioned there are a lot of nooks and crannies to get to, so using a full length miror (with good light) is definitely your best bet to make sure you got the back of that one leg, or God knows what else.

7. Apply is small circular motions until product is fully blended and absorbed. These tanning products are really great to show you where you’ve applied the product. It’s almost like a greenish color, so you know exactly what you got, and what you didn’t.

8. Apply small amounts at a time. Avoid globing it all on at once (again no rushing). Small applications work best you can always go back for more.  And also work with one area at a time. I usually start with legs, and work my way up. Then finish with small light dabs to tops of my feet, backs of my hands, and my face (if I decided at all to do it).

9. Follow the directions. Make sure you know the proper wait time for your tan to set. Avoid dressing too soon, or coming in contact with water.

10.  Moisturize. To keep your tan as long as possible, moisturize all over daily. Avoid any products with essential oils. If you want to keep your tan you want to avoid products with essential oils as they will strip your tan, and quite instantly too for that matter. Think of it like Head and Shoulders version for your body.

After three to four days, gently exfoliate to encourage natural and even
fading, and then start the whole process all over again! YAY SUMMER! 

Hope you found this helpful, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below or reach out to me via social media @shortpresents! 


Short Presents

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