Microblading is still SUPER new, and so of course there are going to lots of questions and apprehension. I’ll admit even I was nervous and y’all know I’ll pretty much try anything in the name of beauty. But a tattoo on my face?? I don’t even have those on my body. I fully maintain that I’ve never liked anything enough to put it on my body, and also I’m a giant wuss. Remember Rachel on friends, when her and Phoebe decided to get tattoo and she comes home with a teeny tiny dot?? That would totally be me because I’m such a baby I’d likely be like OKAY and we’re done here.

But this was different, and I’d been annoyed with my brows ever since I was in a car accident in high school. Scaring on my left eye made for A LOT of work to make it look like it’s sister on the other side. I have to say my friend were super great and definitely were curious about it which made me super interested in it too. They’ve since got it done as well, and love their brows!

What to expect from your Microblading Appointment

Not sure about Microblading?? Here’s a step-by-step of what to expect from your appointment.

Step 1: Numbing

If anyone tells you that microblading was excruciatingly painful it just means they weren’t numbed enough. It really isn’t that bad! I would say tweezing your brows or waxing hurts more than microblading, but if you’re not numbed enough yowzah it hurts.

Any good microblader should check in on you throughout every step. Nicole was very aware of any flinching and asked to apply more numbing cream before I even said anything.

STEP 2: Colour Swatch

While numbing you’ll swatch out your color. Applying the potential color to your skin really helps you pin down that appropriate shade for your skin tone, your hair etc. Like for instance, for some strange reason my brows are substantially a lot lighter than my natural hair (go figure because I’m actually brunette), and because I like to have SOME definition the color we chose was slighter darker to add dimension.

Nicole picked the PERFECT color for my brows I actually love it so so much.

If you have a favorite product you like to use feel free to bring it to your appointment it can be super helpful to have a good base to start with when picking the pigment.

Step 3: Mapping

Nicole has microblading down to a science! Like I’m not kidding. Having previously studied architecture this girl is ALL about symmetry. She’ll plot out exactly what she’s going to do, so you can decide right then and there if you want to move forward.

I know a lot of people are nervous about microblading, but I’m here to tell you that you are in the driver’s seat every step of the way. You ultimately get to decide what you’re okay with.

Nicole was so great because she asked lots of questions, and her experience really came through. I felt very comfortable in her capable hands.

Feel free to get up and move around once the stencil is complete, I found it tricky to really tell if the were “on fleek” while laying down, so be sure sit up and take a peek too.  It is a tattoo you want to be 100% certain before moving forward.

Step 4: The Actual Microblading

For those who don’t know, Microblading is essentially making little tiny cuts in your skin (about the size of a hair), and then filling it with a pigment.  Here you see Nicole creating those small little incisions in my brows to mimic hair.

Step 4: Applying Pigment

Once the small cuts are created from the stencil created earlier a pigment is then applied to the brows to fill in those tiny incisions and ultimately creating those effortless brows!!

Step 5: Enjoy your new brows

And viola! It’s like magic. For all the details on upkeep / care instructions for after you get your brows microbladed be sure to pop over to the Brows by Bianca website! The after care for microblading is VERY important. You really want the pigment to take to your skin, and the more you do during the weeks following your treatment the better results you’ll get. I was very strict in following Nicole’s suggestions, and I had some really great results. The pigment really took to my skin, and the color once it faded was (and is) absolute perfection.

I’m so so happy with my results, and I’m so happy I took the plunge and got my brows microbladed it makes everything so much easier now I can’t even begin to tell you all the reasons I’m so happy I did this!


With a scar on my left brow (likely from my car accident in high school) this brow has always been a trouble maker lol No product could ever get them exactly right, as my right brow has also always been much more lifted than the left; again likely from my car accident given that I had road rash all over my entire face (not the most fun day of my life). While I’m lucky I don’t have scars on my actual face my brows have always been off, and like I mentioned above a lot lighter than my actual hair.

FAQs About Microblading

I know that microblading is still relatively new, so y’all got questions. Here’s a list of the questions you guys asked me. I sent them over to Nicole so you I could guarantee that you’re getting the BEST most accurate answers.  If you still have questions please comment below, or feel free to reach out to me @shortpresents on Instagram or Nicole @browsxbianca on Instagram!

What is microblading?

When having this procedure done, your tech should give you hair strokes where you should have naturally had hair within the brows.
You still need to maintain wax or tweeze around the area to keep it looking nice. Some people who have little Brow hair hang on to all hairs there, even if it’s not in the right spot and find it hard to part with. A good technician will only remove hairs that are not apart of a properly shaped brow.
Years ago they would use a “gun” to tattoo the brows. It goes deeper into the skin and gives a solid effect. Microblading does not go as deep into the skin, leaving the strokes to heal nicely and appear as actual little hairs.

“What should it cost ?? prices for this stuff varies so much how do I know what is a fair cost for the work”.

The cost of Microbladed Brows usually ranges from 4 to 6 hundred dollars, but take into consideration the techs portfolio, references and experience.

“Typically $250 is a beginners rate so keep that in mind. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “bad” but they’re likely still learning/ practicing. Nicole suggests a fair rate is $500-$700 for initial session (incl. a touch up). However, everyone has a different technique …

Doing your research is CRITICAL when making your decision. Don’t rush this, take your time and be confident in who you choose. Go for a consultation if you want to meet your artist before hand!


“If I have thick brows can I still achieve an arch?”

Yes! There is a lot that can be done to achieve your desired ‘look’.

Various blade sizes and techniques are used to match the density and pattern of your brow hair. There’s a lot more that goes into microblading then people may think!

One thing that’s important to point out too is that Nicole also tweezes your brows (which is amazing because you’re numb so you don’t feel it) but you leave with perfect brows, and a great foundation moving forward of how to maintain the shape she’s created.

“Does Microblading hurt ?”

Again, this is very dependent from person to person and technician to technician.

I am very generous with my topical anesthesic and typically my clients rate pain levels 4/10. Clients hormones and mood definitely play a role is how much they will feel during the procedure but it’s really not bad at all!

I would say it mostly feels like hairs being plucked, but Nicole is so right she was amazing to continuously numb throughout the procedure.

“How much is the initial appointment and does it include a touch up?”

$550+tax – including a touch up!

Nicole is a pro, and honestly I’m obsessed with the brows she created for me. I know that it can seem like a lot, but it lasts for a long time, and not only that you’re getting convenience. I love that when I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup I already feel mostly put together, and with my crazy schedule having some extra time is actually EVERYTHING. I think it’s so so worth it.

Why would you choose to have your brows microbladed?

The reason why many many women (and men) choose this produce is endless and can range in motivation.

Some have gone through chemo, and their hair never grew back, some have over tweezed and the hair never came back, some suffer from Alopecia which is a disease where the hair follicles no longer produce hair, some people have very light hairs and you cannot see their brows at all: the list is endless.

Bottom line is it can be something that you miss when you do not have them. And when you lack something that we were all born to have you can feel incomplete. Microblading really is the next best thing to having actual hair, and it’s amazing to give that back to client (no matter what their reasoning).

“Is it permanent?”

Microblading is semi-permanent which means it will fade and ‘dissolve’ over time as your skin cells renew.

Although everyone’ s skin cells change over at different rates, microblading will last approx 8mo-2yrs if you don’t get any touch ups done. The reason it’s semi-permanent is because the ink is only implanted just below the surface, unlike an actual tattoo which is much deeper.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing, as Nicole mentions. It does not wash off, therefore it is similar to a tattoo in that the sun is your biggest enemy when it comes to fading. It’s recommends that you wear SPF (I mean you should be anyways) but another great tip I read was to use a lip balm that holds a high SPF and apply it every day during the summer months (especially when swimming or out in the sun for long periods of time).

“Why are they so dark in the beginning?”

Brows are always darker in the beginning because (like any cut/ scrape) they are trying to create a protective healing layer over the lines.

The ink starts to oxidize as its exposed to the air and a darkening effect starts to happen (science lol). Many clients dislike this process but some actually love it! You can expect the dark brows to last about 4 days or so, however it varies from person to person.

I was so worried about this part, but like Nicole mentions some clients like it. I actually went shopping directly after because I had to pull some things at the mall for another project, and at first I was like EVERYONE is staring at my brows, but then I realized that I actually was into it, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.




You can see that the pigment has settled into this much more natural color. One thing I always notice when microbladers share their work on social media is that they often show their clients directly after treatment, and you rarely often see them once they heel because the lines are so pronounced it can kind of be alarming. That’s not what they look like over time!

Microbladed brows are so dark in the beginning and the stokes look so pronounced its so important to know that they don’t stay that way.

Joe Fresh Earrings, Joe Fresh Sweater


Thanks to Alexa Cude (Halifax Photographer) for the action shots from my treatment and to Nicole (Toronto Based Microbalder) for answering all your questions. So if you’re looking to see more of Nicole’s work, or book an appointment pop over to her site Brows By Bianca.





Hope you enjoyed this post.










*Please note that my treatment was complimentary; however all opinions are my own.

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