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My boyfriend and I seem to always be running around like crazy. One of us is always dropping the other off, and/or waiting in the car while the other runs a quick errand. We’ve started a running joke of asking each other “are you my uber” because it can kind of feel like we are the other’s chauffeur.

FEATURED ITEMS: Top & Trench: c/o Silver Icing | Givenchy Sunnies: c/o Smart Buy Glasses | Bag, c/o Michael Kors. Shoes, Forever 21 (similar).
Truth be told he’s usually the one helping me. Sure full time blogging has it’s perks, but also takes A LOT of time and effort behind the scenes. Whether it’s running out to pick up props for a shoot or chasing the delivery guy down the street because you decided to take a shower. 
Sometimes it’s getting distracted by phone meetings and emails and completely blanking that you agreed to meet a gal at a coffee shop to gift her a giveaway item on Instagram only to then run it down to her place of employment and beg for her forgiveness while your boyfriend waits in the car. It’s all those little things that certainly don’t take care of themselves, and make you feel like your head could explode. 
Honestly though I absolutely love that I do, and feel very blessed to have achieved everything I have over the past few years. But I also don’t know where I would be without all the people who help me (big and small), so this post is dedicated to you! The unsung heroes of HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! 
That being said “are you my uber”? because I do need a ride to airport next week as I’m heading to Toronto with Huff Post to celebrate 5 glorious years! I’m so so humbled to be invited, and excited to be back in the city I can’t wait to see everyone! Come to think of it today’s outfit might be the perfect flight look? What do you think? Except of course I would swap in some sneaks for the flat because I hate walking through security bare foot. YUCK).
These pants (from Le Chateau $69) are SERIOUSLY comfortable, and surprisingly don’t wrinkle! I have a few pairs of culottes, and have you ever noticed that they tend to wrinkle in the worst places ever? (i.e like in the crotch area). They feel like pajamas (honestly) and this top from Silver Icing ($49) has the perfect amount of stretch making it mega light weight, and oh so comfortable. I also have it in the blue and white, and it’s SOOO cute for summer. 
If you’re not familiar with Silver Icing you need to be. I love the whole concept, and supporting independent woman in their small business endeavors.  Basically it’s kinda like a Avon concept where there are independent stylists that host parties (online and in person) and sell the Silver Icing products (which are great by the way). If you’re interested definitely be sure to shop with Stylist Jennifer Hahn because she is literally the bomb dot com, and her knowledge of the brand is actually insane. Look into the leggings too because I’ve you follow me on snapchat you know they are heavily on repeat.
Also we need to talk about the bandana because I CAN’T STOP WEARING THEM. Is there a support group out there for us? Because I really could use one.

Hope you have a great long weekend, and be sure to follow along on social media next week for our travel adventures to Tor-on-to!


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*This post was sponsored by Silver Icing however all opinions expressed are my own.  

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