Last week I chatted about the influence of music on my style (read post here) and having grown up in a small town I know the struggle of attracting A-list musicians is definitely real.  While road trips are fun, and traveling to another near by city gives us something new to explore it would be nice to not have to make the arrangements or take the time to have to go somewhere else (or incur the cost).  I think there’s also something to be said about sharing the experience with people you know.

In my experience small towns can be the most lively and accepting bunch. Because it happens so infrequently that when it does happen that a big name musician stops by we kind of go bananas which is why I am SO excited about the AIR MILES DETOUR music program.

AIR MILES Detour is
a new music program launched by the AIR MILES Reward Program in
partnership with Live Nation.  In the spirit of being “Better Together”,
AIR MILES is rewarding a lucky Canadian town with an epic music
experience by bringing an A-list musician to one small town in Canada.  

How does one lucky town get selected to have Meghan Trainor perform?  Collectors can hop onto the Detour website to vote for one of the five towns that have been chosen as finalists:
Once you’ve voted, each time you use your AIR MILES Card will count as another vote for the town you’ve chosen!

While I’m not from MooseJaw I can appreciate the desire for an epic music experience, and although I know small towns have amazing talents in their own backyards there’s something to be said about feeling like you’re on the map. 
Being a fellow caper I also need to premise this by saying that I’m not throwing any shade to Port Hawksbury (you can feel free to vote for the town of your choice), but today we‘re going to chat a bit about MooseJaw SK. 
Starting in the Roaring
’20s, MooseJaw’s vibrant live music scene echoed from countless venues,
big and small, including the historic River Street district.
this day, music is still ingrained in the local culture; it binds a
tight-knit community that rallies around both local artists and big
names who have created a strong tie between Moose Jaw and the larger
Canadian music scene.
is a strong following for many different types of live music in the
city, which even hosts Canada’s longest-running electronic music
festival each year.

Sooooooo who want’s to go to MooseJaw now? ME ME ME!! It sounds so fun. To vote head over to the Detour website to vote for one of the five towns that have been chosen as finalists

Good Luck! May the odds be ever in your favor! 
Short Presents

*This post was sponsored by Air Miles however all opinions expressed are my own.     

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