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Recently I attended the Lise Watier Hydraforce launch at Shoppers Drug Mart, and it was so great to get to know the Lise Watier team and brand. Did you know Lise Watier is a Canadian brand? From makeovers to a super clever app that instantly detects your hydration levels see more photos from the super fun event here.

If you didn’t happen to catch my Hydraforce review post (read more here) Lise Watier just launched a new moisturizing line {Hydraforce} that helps restore hydration while also protecting skin from environmental factors (and after winter in Canada I mean who doesn’t need that right?). What’s even more interesting is that they also developed an app that you can use to detect the current hydration level of your skin, so you can really tell in live time whether the product is working. 
There are three products in the line, Hydraforce Hydra Protective Gel-Cream: this product is great if you have acne, oily skin, or to wear under your makeup like a serum. Hydraforce Hydra Protective Lip Balm: this product absorbs really well, and also creates a barrier for your lips against the cold even when absorbed. As well as the Hydraforce Hydra Protective Comforting Cream: this product is very soothing, but also a bit heavier, but it would be great for a mask or for trouble spots. I’ve been using this product on the ever persistent dry patch on my forehead and around my nose. To read more about the product click here.

The two winged sensor gently presses up against your skin (as seen demonstrated above), and connects to your smartphone through your headphone port to give you a hydration reading. I meannnnn SO COOL right? The app is super easy to download, and very user friendly you simply click on the spot you want to test (cheek, t-zone, hand), and while pressed up against the area it’ll tell you while it’s testing (so you don’t pull away), and then again when the results are ready. It’s pretty instant, and majorly cool for a skincare line.

So we wrangled up some shoppers at the Mic Mac Mall to give it a go! It was so fun to see everyone’s reactions, and curiosity about their skin. I mean it is Eastern Canada after all, and we get some harsh winds, so naturally we’d be curious how we made out after the winter. There was one woman in particular that struck a cord with me. She was in her 80s (looked incredible) and she told me she still puts cream on her face every night, and let me tell you she had much better results than me. When I told her that my hand read at 5% for hydration she asked me if I was dead lol We had to laugh.

It was such a fun afternoon chatting about cosmetics and skincare. I loved watching everyone get makeovers, and snapping everything along the way. Even my friend good friend Mo (blogger at managed to sneak onto the makeover list, and got her makeup done by the very talented Kristen Scott (@kristenscottmakeup). Which was perfect because we were heading to the NSCAD fashion show that night, so she was all set. 

If you weren’t able to make it out to the event be sure to stop by any Lise Watier counter and get them to test your skin for you, and test this amazing product out for yourself. 
I have to say a huge thank you to the Lise Watier team who accepted me with open arms 🙂 I learned so much about this product, and the brand that I truly felt blessed to be a part of this nation wide event.

Hope you enjoyed this recap, and thanks to all who came out to the event! 
Short Presents 

This post was sponsored by Lise Watier however all opinions expressed are my own.

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