Recently I caught up with Heidi of CTV Morning Live, and we round off their hat week by chatting all about hat trends. From fedoras to beanies to floppy hats we covered the spectrum of what’s hot for hats.

Special thanks to ProSkates, and Envy Clothing Company for these lovely hats, and Skyler, and Shannon From Scout Develeopment Agency for modeling them (at the crack of dawn)! You guys were great. 

Also be for warned I know I say “that kind of thing” A LOT. Ahh you gotta love live TV, and an autopilot brain that likes to fill dead air.  LOL

Sometimes these videos don’t work for some browsers, if that’s the case click here to jump over to the segment. And if you like what you see here be sure to pop over into Proskates or Envy they both have a great selection of men’s and woman’s hats in a plethora of styles.

Enjoy !

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