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We will undoubtedly have the best hair days when we need to toss a hat
on top of it. Such is the way of winter. Luckily there are some super
cute options out there right now to keep you excited about winter
accessories (see what I did there?). While most of us would rather
choose a great hair day over an adorable hat, this over-sized pom pom definitely helps ease the blow.

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Jacket, c/o Old Navy (shop outerwear here)
Scarf,  c/o Fraanklin
Waterproof Boots, Rockport (on sale)
 Jeans, c/o Gap (not be available online yet, but shop current denim here). 
Mittens, Le Chateau (on sale here also loving these and these). 
Sunglasses, Celine Caty c/o Smart Buy Glasses.
Hats. When it’s so cold outside that you can’t feel your face forgoing a hat is just not an option.  You need to get creative with the kinds of things you decide to wear because you really have no choice in the matter unless you want to freeze to death. If you have to be bundled up you might as well look cute right?

Basically the only thing I like
about winter right now is that I get to wear this hat. I mean if you’re going to
make me wear a hat old man winter you best be putting a massive pom pom
on top of it.

If you’re looking for tips on how to prevent hat hair head over to Huff Post Style I wrote an article recently for Style Rescue that tackles this issue. 

Scarfs. When I say I love blanket scarves I mean I love feeling warm, but I do love the two toned pattern on this one from a Canadian company, Fraanklin. but it is super warm. The fun thing about blanket scarves is that you can wear them so many different ways, and everyday is like a new challenge to figure out something new. I mean we gotta do what we can to keep things interesting right?

You’re probably all familiar with how to tie a blanket scarf (as seen in the image below). Hold it out, and fold two points together so you make a triangle, drap the scarf over your chest and shoulders (so the point is facing down). Then you take the tips and tie them together and tuck underneath.

While this way to tie a scarf is still very much a thing I wanted to try
something different, and I’ve noticed that a lot of gals are wrapping
their scarves over their jackets, and even over their shoulders (like
seen in the images above). Not that I’m a copycat, but I do get inspired
by other people I decided to give it a go, and try it out for myself. I
folded my scarf over so it had two points ( I liked the two toned look
of this scarf and wanted to show it off), and simply draped it over both

Mittens. While mittens are pretty practical for me I do find the best success with the ones that are lined on the inside. I prefer mittens to gloves because I find that gloves don’t really keep my hands warm, and also it’s impossible to find ones that fit me. For something more formal I will do gloves, like if I’m going out for dinner or to an event or something (mostly when I’m getting a ride). Although I love love these toughscreen gloves and these fluffy ones!

I try to find mittens or gloves that I know I can wear with multiple things which is why I chose these black and white mittens from Le Chateau. I can easily pair them with all my winter coats.

Unfortunately we still have quite of winter left, so we might as well get used to the scarves, hats, and mittens because we’re gonna need em!

What are some of your favorite winter accessories to keep you warm blogger reader? comment below or tweet me! I mean we all could use a little excitement right now. 
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