When it comes to fashion week I kind of like to slowly build up to my
looks in terms of drama because let’s face it after 4 days of dress up
you just want to keep pushing the envelope. And if you start with your
favorite outfit then nothing the entire week will ever top it, and
that’s just a bummer.

Featured Items: Culottes, and Fringe coat, c/o Le Chateau | Wilfred Free Brigitte Shirt, c/o Artizia | Shoes, c/o Nine West | Bodychain, c/o Olive + Piper |  Bag, Sneha Varma | Pom poms (nicknamed Harold and Furina and they are going steady no less), c/o Envy Clothing Co | Celine “Caty” Sunnies, c/o Smart Buy Glasses | Photos c/o Amanda Montgomry

While planning my outfits for the week I originally planned this one as a mid week look, but then the weather messed with me, and I had to reevaluate the suede jacket. Because the weather kept calling for rain when I was in Toronto I notoriously kept having to push the look further and further into the week. 
I think it ended up working out though because I ended up going to the Fashion Mag Awards after all the shows on day 5, and this look (as you can imagine) translated very well into the party scene. It was also the day after my skinny wrap treatment (read more about that here), so I was feeling myself in these high waisted pants.
Now before I leave you we must first discuss this suede jacket with (amazing fringe details), and these pleat free culottes with a side zipper (I mean hallelujah).  I have to admit I was inspired yet again by a look by Karlie Kloss in a mag I saw over the summer where she wore black culottes, a white blouse, and a suede jacket with fringe. Because it was summer she paired the look with a strappy sandal (like my little ballerina feet could stay fixed in those), and the coat was a cocnac color which this jacket is also available in at Le Chateau (go here).

I decided on the black jacket because (a) I’ve been wearing a sh*t ton of black lately, so it fits effortlessly into my wardrobe, but also because I just find black looks better with the color of my hair right now (yeah this is where I’m at with my logic haha).  Anyways I hope you enjoyed this look! It certianly was fun to wear. I’d been waiting to wear this shirt for over a month, but I didn’t want to ruin it before fashion week (I have met myself once of twice lol).

Sidenote. How cute is this hashtag in my hair? lol I’m not sure if it turned out the way I thought it would, but I made the most of what I could find at the dollarama haha! I’m still on the hunt for white bobby pins I was even going to paint some with white out I was so desperate (I may still do this), or check like Claires or Ardene’s. This was a very last minute decision I’m still not sure if it paid off haha oh well it was a fun talking piece. 

Thanks so much for following along with my fashion week adventures! I honestly had the BEST time, and met so many amazing people it just makes me miss Toronto even more. Fashion week is like one giant reunion, and every year our squad gets bigger and bigger.

I’ll be back to a regular schedule next week, so if you’re feeling the overload of fashion I feel you!

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  • Reply Ever Rose November 6, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Love your hair with this fun outfit!

    • Reply Short Presents November 11, 2015 at 12:47 am

      Oh thank you so much!!! xoxox and thanks for stopping by

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