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Wondering where I stayed, ate, and hung out in Toronto during fashion week? Here’s all the behind the scenes..

Similar to last year we decided to do another air b&b. If you’re new to air b&b it’s a great way to stay in a city and in someone’s space for A LOT less than a hotel, not to mention you have a lot more access to amenities likes a washer and dryer, tv, wifi, and depending on where you stay there could be a pool, gym, or sauna. 
We stayed in the most gorgeous little condo (view listing here) that we just fell in love with, and our host was so great! Not only were we fully stocked with tea, coffee, and granola bars the apt was spotless, and styled to perfection! As well the location was so perfect we were able to walk or hop onto a street car to most places we needed to be without any issue or delay. 
Our host really thought of everything from extra linens, to extra toiletries in the bathroom we really didn’t need much other than an extra key, but even then we were promptly given one the following day 🙂 
I really enjoyed my stay here, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone staying in Toronto. It really was a great option for us.

Upon my extremely early arrival to Toronto my friend Mo and I decided to give O & B Canteen on yelp it suggested that it had something for everyone, so I figured you can’t go wrong. A girls gotta have options no? 
The food was actually exactly what I needed, they had a light breakfast option that was simply toast, poached eggs, tomato slices, and cottage cheese. Because I wasn’t feeling the best I wasn’t really hungry, but knew I should eat something or I’d never make it through the day. I’m happy to say that it was delicious, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Service was great to our waiter was super cute (always helps right?), and was very prompt while also patient with me while I struggled to get through the day with a massive head cold.
I swear I have so much more of a social life in Toronto than I do in Halifax! There’s so many people here that I know that I want to make the most of my time catching up. Because I got into Toronto a few days before the shows started I had a bit of extra time to hang out with some friends which is nice. I had dinner with some fellow people in the industry at Gusto 101. 
I ordered the Mafalde ai Fungi, but sadly the lighting in the resto was just
too dim to even attempt to get some semblance of an image. The pasta
was pretty good, the noodles were like nothing I’d had before; it was
almost like they were a skinny version of a long lasagna noodle.  I
almost never order pasta at a resto these days, but having walked a
billion blocks that day I figured what the heck! I might as well. It was
actually pretty good I love mushrooms though, so I was all over it. In
hindsight I probably should have gotten something with a bit more
protein, but ah well when in rome (oh wait).  
I was sad that I wasn’t feeling well enough to order a glass of wine I hear their list is quite impressive you’ll have to check it out for me when you get a chance, and report back.
I almost always eat at Hosu when I’m in TO it just seems to happen that I find myself on Queen Street West more times than I can count, so it’s a great option for an inexpensive lunch that won’t hold me back. The staff are nice, and the food is good, so I keep coming back 🙂

We stopped into Peter Pan Bistro after we went to two other places that weren’t open (Toronto brunches late you guys), and it was actually the best thing that could have happened. I ordered the eggs benny, as I pretty much always do when I’m out for brunch, and I was not disappointed. I loved everything about my meal from the thin crisp English muffin to the zesty hollandaise sauce to the little side of greens (hello I needed these) to the little breakfast potato it was DELISH! I would 100% go back and eat this everyday if I could! 
I actually ended up eating at Bar Buca twice, and both times were as a result of busted attempts at trying to go to Portland Variety. The first time was for a meeting, and Portland Variety’s steamer was broken, and we both wanted something a little more substantial than espresso considering it was 9 am.  And the second time I attempted to go to Portland Variety for their avocado toast it was BUMPIN’ and we needed to catch our flight, so we didn’t have enough time to wait. 
Knowing that Bar Buca was another spot to check out (and it was literally just around the corner) it was the next logical choice, and a great one. I actually really like the food I had (both times) I mean I can’t tell you exactly what I ate because I had NO idea what the dude was saying (it was also pretty busy, and I’m pretty sure he was speaking another language), but it was delicious (whatever I was eating). 
I wish I could tell you what I was eating, but just get the round donut with the green filling on top, and a cappuccino and you won’t be disappointed. 
As I mentioned I attempted to visit this spot on more than one occasion, and I did only manage to eat at Portland Variety once, and it was completely on the fly. I’d just gotten back to my little part of the city from my spa apt, and I was ravenous (and cutting it close for the start of the shows), so I just quickly grabbed a grilled sandwich to go, and scarfed it down at the little bar seating at the front.  
In between the shows we decided to try and grab a quick bite to eat, and so we made our way down King Street and stopped into Hush. Because didn’t have much time, and also because I wasn’t that hungry I decided to order the soup, and a drink. My cold had finally dispated that this time, so I figured what the heck (while also I thought it might warm me up lol). 
The soup was ah-mazing! It was a Thai chicken soup with crispy little tortilla pieces. I loved it! I just wish that the service was better. Our server was blatantly inattentive, and unapologetic which was especially annoying when she gave me the wrong drink, and then failed to return with a new one until we’d all finished our meals, and we were ready to leave which then trying to get the check from her proved to be even more troublesome. 
The soup was really great and I loved the ambiance of the resto, but I dunno if I would chance it again with the service. It was especially terrible, but as I mentioned in the resto it was her tip not mine. 
Open 24 hours, and just around the corner from our Air b&b this spot was gem after returning from the tents, and having not eating for a tremendously long time. We made out way into the Thompson Diner, but when a bunch of what I assume was college kids (yeah I’m old) were watching the game and sharing poutines we knew we were much to tired, and sober to share in their company, so we changed our minds and took our food to go.  We both ordered burgers 🙂 I got the turkey burger with salad, and I was more than pumped to have some greens in my life. 
Complete with a multitude of diner eats the Thompson Diner also has a “breakfast anytime” section on their menu. Just sayin’



Oh and drank copious cups of coffee and tea! but not without making a few pit stops at the salon and spa first. I mean a girls gotta look her best for fashion week am I right?

While in Toronto I had the pleasure of visiting the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie located in the Shangri-la Hotel to receive the Slimming wrap. I’d not had a wrap before, so I was extremly curious about how things would go down. I have had the St Tropez treatment though, so I figured it out be pretty similar. 
The “silhouette-defining” and slimming wrap is an ‘application of warm
clay over Caudalie’s Contouring Concentrate that ensures thorough
detoxification and elimination of excess water, revealing a trimmer
silhouette and supple skin”.
This visit could not have come at a better time, not only was I ZONKED from 3 days of fashion week, that I kicked off with a massive head cold, but my friend Mo (my roommate for the week) came down with a pretty aggressive stomach flu. As much as I love her, (and stocked her up with gatorade, crackers, bread and apple sauce) I also didn’t want to be hanging out at the apt to catch it. Needless to say I needed to get outta there, and what better way than an afternoon at the spa? 
Tucked away from the hustle and the bustle of the city the spa is located on the 5th floor of the hotel, and it’s as quiet as a church mouse inside.  Upon your immediate arrival you’re whisked into the changing room (which has everything you could possibly need) asked to slip into an ultra cozy robe, and you’re provided with some slip on sandals, and tea. 
Once you’ve robed up you’re then brought into a beautiful relaxation room where you wait for your appointment. Dimly lit, and architecturally inspired with historical and cultural influences from Paris, Marrakech and Istanbul you really do feel like you’ve been transported. Because I’d woken up early for a meeting I used this time to rest. I held a magazine open,  but I fully utilized the incredibly comfortable pillows to take a much needed power snooze. From a delicious peppermint chia tea that’s sweetened with brown sugar (I think?) to delicious grapes and treats the experience really does touch on all the senses. 
After taking a much needed snooze I was invited into the treatment room to receive my body wrap. My esthetician’s name was Anna, she was such a doll! I really lucked out I mean if someone is going to rubbing you up and down you at least kinda wanna get along. Haha I’m kidding she was super relaxed about the whole thing, and asked a lot of questions to ensure I was okay throughout the process. 
The slimming wrap is basically a SUPER relaxing full body massage that also helps you detox (and feel slimmer) who wouldn’t want that? From the warm product to being bundled up like a burrito I fully enjoyed the entire experience. I would totally recommend, and I would also totally stand by the fact that I legit felt thinner. My stomach actually felt flatter which is pretty crazy considering all the food I’d been eating all week (see above), and especially welcomed considering my outfit for the following day! 
I adored this experience, and I would totally (and will) return to the Miraj and Hammam Spa again when I’m back in Toronto. If you have a big event coming up, or maybe you over indulged over the weekend or a holiday I would 100% suggest this treatment to get you back on track. I mean it obviously isn’t going to make miracles happen, but you will feel a difference even if no one else sees it.

For day two of fashion week I was invited to Medulla and Co
to get my hair styled by the extremely talented (and super fun) Kelly
Araujo (or @thehairgypsy)! Newly relocated on Queen Street West this
little salon is the cutest, and everyone who works there is super sweet.
I’m pretty sure if the guy who washed my hair asked me to marry him
while I was in his hair I’m pretty sure I would have said yes (and if
you know me you know I’m not big into marriage). It was just that
my hair I decided that I wanted to do a braided hair crown mostly
because I knew I would never be able to do it myself. There’s nothing
worse than getting your hair or makeup done, and thinking well I could
have just done this myself, so I decided to do something fun and

say I adored my hair would be an understatement. EVERYONE was
complimenting me on my hair, and I mean EVERYONE, and I really didn’t
want to take it out the next day. Had I not been attending shows, and
having my photo taken I probably would have rocked it for a second day.

Stay tuned for my outfit post for day 2 to see more images of this SUPER COOL HAIR.

So needless to say Toronto was ah-mazing as always! 🙂 It gets harder and harder to leave every time I go. I met so many amazing people that I just felt like I connected with instantly, and I wish I could spend more time in their presence. Us bloggers are a special breed that’s for sure it’s always amazing to be around such inspiring creative people. Looking forward to coming back VERY soon Toronto! 
Hope you enjoyed this recap post 

Short Presents 

*All photos above (excluding the last image) were shot using the Nikon 1 J4 

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