There’s no question that we had a rough winter here in Halifax this year, and it made quite the impression on what we consider appropriate footwear. Now I know that we’re just getting what we can even call summer recently,  and you don’t even want to think about the word boots, but I’m here to introduce you to a very practical pair that really is great for all our Canadian seasons.

Featured items: Jeans: Levis. Shirt, Lacoste. Boots: c/o Blundstone. Watch: Breitling Navitimer.
Despite his really great style it’s pretty rare that I manage to get a snap of my photographer, as he definitely prefers to remain behind the camera rather than in front of it.  But like I said he’s got a great sense of style, and really prefers to have something that’s both practical and stylish. Truth be told our weather is ba-nanas on the East Coast, and it can quickly change on a dime, so having a boot that can multi-task is definitely ideal. 
Blundstone is not a new brand, and they’ve certainly been around the block (once of twice), but whether you’re male or female (or even a tater tot) they really are a great option to keep your feet not only warm, but dry. We spend a lot of money on our shoes, but our boys not so much, and a lot of times if they do they aren’t always the best option per say. If you’re going to fork out some money on some shoes for practical reasons (that also look great) I would absolutely suggest these bad boys. The quality is there, and so is the comfort; I mean what more could you ask for?
While they have evolved in style, design, and technology over the
years, the quality has never changed. They are still built as they
always have been: to go anywhere, do anything, and look great every step
of the way.
Hope you found this post helpful 🙂 
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