“10 Things You Need to Know About Weight Loss”

Currently I am in the beautiful sunny California where we don’t need Katy Pery to remind us that the people here love to bare it all. I am surrounded by an abundance of beautiful people, and so it’s only natural to start thinking about what people in California do to stay fit.

Santa Monica Pier 
After talking with some locals last night I learned that a lot of it is due to exercise; people here are always moving (and not just in their cars).  There is so much to do here, from boogie boarding, to surfing, to biking, and skateboarding. The weather is so nice here, and so it’s easy to make the most of it. It’s not like back home where we get a nice day every 20 days, so everyone and their dog is outside because we’re not sure when this fluke of nature will present its self again. I think there is something to be said about exercising and just moving your body.

Santa Monica Pier 

In most complexes here there is not only a Starbucks, a market and a gym, but typically several gyms conveniently located in your building, or just around the corner, so it’s easy to fit exercise into your busy schedule. But what I really think is that it’s about doing activities that don’t feel like exercise.  When it feels like exercise it feels like a chore making it easy enough to abandon like your laundry that piles high until Sunday evenings when you have no clothes for the week ahead. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore it should be fun; like when it’s combined with the adrenaline of catching a monster wave, or biking down down the coast in front of a beautiful sunset: it’s a bit different. Personally I can see why people get bored at the gym: it’s boring, but there are so many other ways to get your body moving other than the gym.

I just recently watched a really interesting documentary called “10 things you need to know to lose weight”, now the title is a bit alarming and I tend to avoid anything about diets, but I gave this one a shot, and I was impressed. I think it should be titled 10 things you need to know to get your body healthy (but that probably wouldn’t sell) it’s all about marketing people. 

Here’s a link to “10 things you need to know about losing weight” 
watch it for free 🙂 heart attack prevention not guaranteed – take notes!
I like this film, not only because they have sweet accents, but because it combines the theories with hard hitting research, now I’m really one for science, but when it comes to health and wellness I’m all over it.

Get moving Halifax!!! 

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  • Reply styleonthecouch February 24, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    I think it is really important to get moving and have this as part of your day and how you live rather than the 'chore' of the gym like you say… I think Californians manage to stay so fit because the weather is always to great for them to be moving outdoors… maybe I'll move there next, NYC is still freezing so back to the treadmill I go ;-(


  • Reply Meg February 25, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I'm hoping that when I move to London I'll be motivated by all the things to see to get out on lots of adventures and get outside walking around more than I do in Clayton Park :P. Plus, I'm bound to spend lots of time running around the underground trying to find the right platform. And of course, minding the gap. xD

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