Place to go for a drink: Gatsby’s

Oh Tom Collins, you are so wise. Sometimes you need a quick central meeting place before a movie, or a concert.

Yes that’s right it’s Monday afternoon and I’m posting about drinks. Can you tell that I’m excited to finish classes? Now I know you are reading this and probably thinking it’s a school night why am I reading this? Sometimes we need a little something to get us through the week. Plus I can’t help that concerts are scheduled on school nights.

In any case, a good friend of mine just recently moved away and we went out before she left to see a dance performance at the Rebecca Cohn. God love her, she’s up for anything this crazy kid, even half naked dancers prancing around to Stravinsky. She lived right downtown, so we needed an in-between meeting place. Naturally I wanted to go for a drink before the show (I don’t get out much).

Located on Spring Garden Road downtown Halifax, we decided on Gatsby’s for a Gin and Tonic (our personal fav). Gatsby’s is a long narrow restaurant with big booths and tables, with pool tables located in the back. In the summer you can sit outside, but this time of year, you’d have to be pretty tough to brave these elements. Gatsby’s is well known for its music venues and its pizza. Although we didn’t have time to try it, the pizza filled the restaurant with a lovely aroma.The bartender was friendly, and it appeared that we weren’t the only ones just stopping in before a show, as the bartender assumed and asked “what are you ladies up to tonight?”. No, he wasn’t hitting on us there was an event going on at Park Lane. Ellen Page was rumored to have been there, and he was wondering if we were attending, and if we knew anything about it.

We jazzed it up the second round, since it was our last outing and ordered a Tom Collins (easy on the lime). When it was time to go we were dealt with promptly and we were quickly on our way. If you are looking for a no hassle meeting place to have a drink and chat Gatsby’s is zero fuss. I’d give it a go.

miss kayla

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