The Savour Food & Wine Festival is celebrating its 12th
anniversary this year, and with 75 restaurants, wine and beverage merchants no less! The Savour Food and Wine Show is easily the best food event of the year.

visitors and foodies alike are encouraged to rediscover the culinary
landscape and diverse dining scene of Nova Scotia. With over 75
exhibitors, the World Trade & Convention Centre will be transformed
into a food & wine metropolis, showcasing the best of Nova Scotia’s
taste sensations.

show is part of the two month long Savour food & wine Festival
which includes the following events: Dine Around, Decadence: Chocolate,
Wine & Cheese, Rare & Fine Wine, Imbibe: A Cocktail Event and
our signature event, the Savour food & wine Show, so make sure to
check those out as well. 

twelve years, the Savour Food and Wine Festival continues to showcase
the phenomenal culinary ability of the hospitality industry. The growth
and innovation in the restaurant sector has lead Nova Scotia to a new
plateau in culinary choices for consumer
s” – Costa Elles, RANS President. 

I can totally attest to this! This show is really truly something.
The food is next level amazing, and everyone puts SO much thought and effort
into their dishes it’s really quite something. Also I love being able to
tell the chefs how great their food is, and learn about all the
different foods they’ve created, and the work involved in preparing them.

WHAT : The Savour Food & Wine Festival (also known as the best food event all year).

WHEN :  March 5 from 7:00-9:30pm

WHERE : World Trade and Convention Centre

TICKETS: Visit www.savourfoodandwine.com for tickets and more information.

 Never been? Get a taste of what goes on by watching this video.


Can’t wait! Hope to see you there! If you see me say “Hi” my mouth will probably be full so I’ll make sure to wave!


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