Spring is in the air blog readers! The grass is not only visible, but it‘s actually turning green! Can you believe it? I’m not going to lie I kind of thought we would be stuck in a perpetual winter. When the seasons change I like to switch things up especially when it comes to my fragrances. If you’re looking for a fresh new fragrance, (or maybe you’re still looking for a mother’s day present) you might want to give the Pivoine Flora Eau De Toilette a sniff: it’s pretty much Spring in a bottle. 

I’m not normally one to go for a floral scent as I usually find them to be too strong, but there’s something about this fragrance that is so pretty and fresh to me. I love it.

In order to give it a solid review I’ve been wearing it for the past couple weeks. I like to see how others respond to a fragrance. I’m a big huger, so I need to make sure my fragrance represents me and my personality. Everyone I came in contact with complimented me on the fragrance, so I think it’s safe to say it passes the test 🙂

They say that scent is the strongest thing known to memory, and I truly believe that scent has a powerful affect on how people perceive you. Light and clean I adore this scent. 
About the Fragrance

Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette refreshes with citruses in a top.
Grapefruit and bergamot in top notes make a luminous announcement to a
bouquet of peonies sprinkled with gentle and fragrant rose petals. Base
notes add sandalwood and white musk.

“There is a Mediterranean legend of a beautiful nymph named Paeonia who
was so courted by the gods that a jealous goddess transformed her into a
flower with a thousand petals: a peony.
Since then this symbol of beauty and femininity brightens every spring
with its dazzling show of colors and scents.
The Paeonia Eau de Toilette captures the subtle aura of the peony
flower, in a generous perfume marked with green freshness.
Contains a peony extract from the south of France (Drôme)”.

Slightly aquatic (if that makes sense), I find that the rose/peony combo is more prominent than the citrus, and there’s almost a grassy/mint tone that comes through. If you’re looking for a pretty and almost elegant fragrance this is it! Isn’t the bottle cute too? I just love it.
Like most fragrances you really do need to test it out for yourself, and on your own skin to see how it reacts to you. I happen to really like it. I haven’t smelled anything like it before, so I kind of like that it’s a little different. If you’re looking for ideas of what to get your mum for mother’s day (and you’re still haven’t gotten her gift yet) this could possibly be a great gift for the beautifully elegant lady in your life.
Hope you found this review helpful! 
x Short Presents 
*All photos above were taken using the Nikon 1 J4

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