Spring Break

 Are you heading somewhere warm soon? Here’s a check list of what you need to bring with you. 

✓ Fancy(ish) Dresses

After a full day of lounging you’ll want to get dolled up for dinner, so make sure to toss in a couple of fancier dresses, but nothing too heavy it can still be pretty warm. 

Comfortable Shoes

When you are out on a hike or something similar and your flip flop breaks you are f*$#@& so don’t let that happen to you! Wear sneakers kids! Trust me on this one.  These are also great for the plane to and from your destination.

Dressier Pair of Sandals

Nothing ruins the look of a beautiful dress than your beach flip flops. Tote a nice pair of neutral colored sandals (they don’t need a heel) and you can wear them to dinner night after night with any dress. A good rule of thumb keep your beach shoes and dinner shoes separate.


I can’t stress this enough! You will burn to a crisp no matter how much “base tan” (this actually doesn’t work but anyway) you think you have make sure to cover your entire body h2t with a great sunscreen. A good tip for anyone with sensitive skin is to use different types for your face and body, but more on that later.

Multiple Swimsuits

Bring a one piece. Trust me no one wants to be in a bikini EVERYDAY (except maybe a Victoria Secret Model), but having the option not to will feel great if you’re feeling blah for whatever reason. Also pack suits that can easily mix and match with each other, as this allows for multiple wears. Just rinse dry and repeat. 


You gotta protect your eyes ladies and gents. All that time spent in the sun can really be bad for your eyesight, not to mention cause some major headaches. I suggest bringing a couple pairs of cheapies (w/ UVA protection), and you’ll be good to go. If you wear contacts bring some back up pairs, and your glasses (just in case).

Hat (X2)

Again you need to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays (hello wrinkles and skin cancer), and also from getting sun stroke. You don’t want to spend the whole entire afternoon asleep because you didn’t want to wear a hat. Also sporting a hat is great for protecting the part of your hair that we always seem to forget about. I love the hat above I think it’s the cutest combination of a fedora and a wide brim!  I would suggest you take a couple hats I learned the hard way that one of my hats could not stand to be submerged in water (it never recovered) and had I not had a back up I would have been without a hat the entire week.

A Cover Up

Again I know you’ve been 21 day fixing and you’re pumped to show off that hot bod, but having something to go to and from the beach is great while also having something to cover you up when you’re feeling especially warm from the sun is also a great idea! It doesn’t need to be anything too crazy, but something that covers your shoulders it perfect.

Basic Shorts

Opting for basic shorts (denim or otherwise) will allow you to wear again and again. Feel free to rinse them and hang them out if you’ve been wearing them with a wet suit. I love denim shorts, and I honestly don’t think you can go wrong. 

Flower Crown

Because. Flower Crown. They are amazing and what better time to sport one than on a beach! Get your DIY kit from Oh Dina! or click here.

A Beach Bag

A large bag to tote all your goodies to and from the beach is also key! You’ll need somewhere to stuff your towel, your camera, your sunscreen, so make sure you have SOMETHING with you.  Something that has a small pocket inside that zips is also great. If you make it more difficult for people to steal your stuff they are more likely to get caught. Take that bad guys!
There you are no longer a rookie: you got this!
In all honesty you don’t need to haul your entire closet with you to your beach vacation; in all actuality you will spend most of your time in a swim suit. As long as you have a couple different swimsuits, a good pair of sunnies, a cover up, and some fancy things to wear at night you should be good to go! I would suggest a dress for each night, a swim suit for most days (or enough to mix and match), no more than three pairs of sandals, two hats, and a bag.

HAVE FUN!! AND DON’T GET BURNED TO A CRISP ! Can you tell I’m excited to go to Mexico in April? EEP! SO PUMPED! 
Short Presents

For a full list of items click here.

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