With the rising cost of food and coming off the tail end of the holidays, managing budgets this time of year can be a struggle at best. Growing up I saw this struggle first hand and it motivated me as a young adult to spearhead breakfast programs, clothing drives, and fundraisers you name it. Find out how I’m giving back now, and how you can too!

In High School my sister and I showed up every single morning at the crack of dawn (or least it felt that way as teenagers) to make sure if nothing else our fellow students had a full belly when they went to class.

Fast forward a few years later, and I was doing the same as a student teacher, and even though at times I worked 8 different jobs (one of which was working for a lunch program for school aged Children) to put myself through university I always made sure I had extra healthy snacks, and so long as my students were with me they were okay. I mean how can you teach health classes, and talk about the importance of healthy food when you have stomachs growling?

Although I’m not teaching in the public school system anymore I do take my job as a blogger very seriously, and through all my recipes I do work very hard to keep it educational as well as inspiring (I hope).  I’m still very much that same girl I always was (thanks Mom), and so I do like to give back as much as I can and use this amazing platform to speak about important causes. Which is why I’m so honored to be participating in Maple Leaf’s #Feeditforward Initiative.

This time of year is a struggle for families no question, but it’s also challenging for non-for-profits as well. People are very giving before Christmas, but understandably not so much after. With this in mind Maple Leaf is launching a Canada-wide Feed It Forward initiative to help Canadian’s “Feed it Forward” and give back to the volunteers that have made a deep impact on the lives of others.

Whether it’s nourishing school children (round of applause for Karen and Nikki at UCC), delivering nutrition education
for people who need support (holla to all my fellow teaching grads of 2011), or use food in a way to bring people
together and teach valuable skills we want to hear about them!  


I encourage you to visit and tell Maple Leaf (click here) your heart-warming story of an organization or individual that has gone above-and-beyond to support their community, themselves, or their family.  

Through efforts that started on family day (no less) through to March 21st, Maple Leaf is giving 10,000 families across Canada $100 of free groceries totaling nearly $100,000 in free groceries across the country.  

Now that’s something I can get behind! In honor of #feeditforward I have the absolute pleasure of choosing a non-profit of choice to gift $100 of free groceries, so naturally with my background in education I’m supporting the young minds of our future.

In partnership with Maple Leaf Foods I’m gifting $100 of free groceries to the Phoenix House Youth Shelter. I truly believe that proper care starts with proper nutrition, and I know this organization goes above and beyond to make their youths’ stay a positive one, and this food will absolutely go to good use. Thank you Maple Leaf for allowing me to be apart of this incredible initiative, and here’s how you can too!

For more information please see the link below, and I do hope you take a few minutes out of your day to nominate someone as you really could make a difference!

Happy Tuesday dearest Blog Readers, and again thank you so much for your continued support. Without you none of this would be possible! 

Kindest of regards, 

Short Presents 

PS: In case you’re interested in the outfit I’m wearing here are the details. Featured items: Jeans, Rag and Bone c/o Aritzia (similar /currently lusting). Cashmere sweater, c/o Gap (similar here, and here). Scarf, Burberry. Backpack, Matt & Natt c/o Envy. Pom pom, c/o Envy. Boots, Rockport
*This blog post was sponsored by Maple Leaf Foods however all opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience.”

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